The Zuru Baby Shark Bath Toys from Kmart and Amazon are being recalled

A popular bath toy offered in Australia and the United States has been recalled due to the risk of being pinched, torn and punctured.

Manufacturer ZURU, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, has recalled 7.5 million Baby Shark and Mini Baby Shark bath toys.

The ZURU Robotic Baby Shark Toy is available in Australia from sellers comparable to Amazon, Kmart, Ebay and CrazySales. Some sellers are currently offering discounts.

ZURU is recalling baby shark toys because they have a tough and sharp plastic fin that has injured many youngsters.

The toy additionally has a mini model that can be retracted – offered in packs of 1, 2 and 3

The recall states that when used in the bathtub or paddling pool, youngsters may slip, fall or trip on the heavy plastic tall fin, which has a pointed tip.

ZURU said it was aware of 12 stories of young people injured by toys, 9 of which required stitches or medical attention.

The full-size model measures approximately 18cm from nostril to tail and comes in packs of 1 or three, while the mini model measures approximately 12cm and comes in packs of 1, two or three and comes as part of the Interactive water music park. Playback set.

The toy is available in pink, blue and yellow.

Product safety Australia is only a personal recall issue.

However, anyone who purchased the toy should stop using it immediately and call ZURU on their website to report it. product problem.

Since March 2023, the company has produced a model with a soft silicone high fin, so they should not be recalled.

They can be found in three colors. A modern model with a soft silicone fin has been produced since March 2023

ZURU was founded by New Zealander Nick Mowbray and his brother after they were 18 and 22 years old respectively.

The couple set up a manufacturing unit in Guangzhou, China in 2005 with little experience in the business and never speaking the native language.

In 2015, ZURU was one of many largest toy corporations on this planet, and in 2020, the company employed 8,500 people, had 26 jobs, and added $1 billion in revenue.

Mowbray currently lives in Beverly Hills, California.

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