The wife dialed 9-1-1 because of her husband’s hostage text message. After just an hour, his body was found

COLORADO, United States — A Colorado man who told his wife he was being held hostage by a stranger in his car was later discovered dead in a parking lot. The man was the father of two children. On Friday afternoon, according to the Colorado Springs police blotter, officers responded to a shooting that had occurred. Upon arrival, two male bodies found in a state of decomposition were discovered. Attorney Harry Daniels issued a press release in which he named one of the men as Qualin Campbell and described Campbell as a victim of the incident. The press release was issued by the lawyer.

Daniels told PEOPLE he believes Campbell, 32, was held hostage by an unnamed homeless man who entered Campbell’s vehicle without his knowledge. That’s what prompted Campbell to text his wife and ask for her help. Talija Campbell, Campbell’s wife, allegedly called 911 “nearly an hour earlier to report that her husband had been taken hostage after receiving a frantic message from her husband reading, ‘911. Please text please!” That’s according to the statement. Additionally, the message provided Campbell’s current whereabouts as well as a photograph of the person who had (supposedly) held him hostage. “Let’s be perfectly clear. communiqué which was published, “if the police do not react to a hostage situation, none of us are safe”.

PEOPLE has contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department for comment; however, the ministry did not immediately respond. According to the announcement, Campbell’s body was located an hour later and an autopsy revealed she had died of a gunshot wound to the abdomen. In the next part of the statement it says: “It was a hostage situation where Qualin Campbell was begging for his life, his wife called 911 and the police were less than a mile away, but they didn’t never responded.”

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