The Washington state grocery store chain is asking customers to make a “DEI Awareness” donation at checkout

The grocery store chain in Washington state is asking customers to donate to “DEI Awareness” throughout checkout.

Photographs obtained Fox news show the self-checkout screen at Haggen Food and Pharmacy — a chain owned by grocery giant Albertson’s — and ask customers, “Would you like to donate to DEI awareness?”

This means that customers add a donation of $1, $3, $5 or whatever amount they decide to their total.

There was also a sign behind the self-checkout kiosk promoting Hagen’s charity – the Hagen Foundation – which told customers that between June 14 and August 8 they would donate “at any register” to “support organizations making positive social change to ensure all members of the community live healthy and fully inclusive lives.

But their efforts come just weeks after retail giant Target was criticized for supporting an LGBTQIA+ group that advocates for secretly transgender children and another group that is trying to shut down Mount Rushmore.

Photos obtained by FOX News show a self-service screen outside Hagen’s Food and Drug Store asking customers, “Would you like to donate to DEI awareness?”

Haggen is a serious grocery store chain in Washington State owned by grocery giant Albertson’s

According to the Hagen Foundation’s website, donations made under DEI immediately help charities such as the American Cancer Society, Chinook Enterprises and Faces Northwest, among others that help individuals with mental disabilities.

But it also benefits charities that help revive insurance policies, such as the Northwest Justice Project, which aims to “combat structural and racial inequality for the (long-term) well-being of low-income individuals, families and communities in Washington State.”.

The Northwest Justice Project states on its website, “As a dynamic statewide law firm, we pursue our mission through legal advice and representation, community partnerships and education to empower clients and fight injustice in all its forms.”

“NJP supports and is a signatory to the principles and commitments of the Racial Equality and Justice Initiative,” it said.

Last year, the Hagen Foundation additionally supported various revival organizations, such as the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and Empower Next Generations.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project seeks to “undo systemic oppression,” according to its website.

“We are bound together by our common humanity, the global forces that affect our lives, and historical patterns of oppression, discrimination, and inequality,” the mission’s website says.

“For a just and healthy society, we must work together to undo the many forms of systemic oppression.”

Meanwhile, Empower Next Generations lists its three core values ​​as “social justice, cultural diversity” (and) inclusion.

“It is our social responsibility to each other to ensure equal access to resources, information, technology, financial and social capital in a fair and secure manner.”

When asked by whether he believed Hagen should be helping such organizations, the spokesperson apparently dodged the question as a substitute, praising the far less controversial organizations funded by Hagen.

“The fundraising campaign, currently underway in Hagen, Washington, will benefit nonprofit organizations such as the Puget Sound Down Syndrome Center, Special Olympics Washington, Disability Rights Washington, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the American Cancer Society.”

Last year, the Hagen Foundation donated to Empower Next Generations, which lists three core values: “social equality, cultural diversity (and) acceptance.”

The supermarket chain also supported the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project

The decision to hold the fundraiser comes just weeks after it was revealed that Target has funded a radical education group pushing for vigilante school policies, despite heavy backlash over the release of LGBTQ Pride product.

The brand says it is “proud” of Okay-12 education group GLSEN, which is forcing teachers to secretly change children without parental consent and make sexually explicit books available in lecture halls.

In addition, it guides lecturers on tips on how to modify lessons reminiscent of math and science to be “more inclusive of trans and non-binary identities” and to use “they/them” pronouns in lesson plans and experiences. Fox news.

“GLSEN is leading a movement to create affirming… and anti-racist spaces for LGBTQIA+ students,” Target said. “We are proud to have worked with GLSEN for more than 10 years and continue to support their mission.”

In 2022, the company additionally funded the NDN Collective, an indigenous-led group dedicated to constructing indigenous energy according to their Web site.

Target stepped up its range program with new CEO Kiera Fernandez, who previously cited “white women” as a way to fight systemic racism.

The NDN collective is seeking sovereign land on the site of Mount Rushmore to return to the Lakota people.

It additionally helps Israel open up as much to what are believed to be Palestinian refugees and reportedly maintains “hostile views” of the military as it seeks to “demilitarize” the United States.

“Closing Mount Rushmore, returning this land and all public lands to the Black Hills of South Dakota is our most important fight,” NDN said in its LANDBACK marketing campaign.

Mount Rushmore won’t just be in the coronary heart of the sacred Black Mountains, but it can be an image of the world of white supremacy and colonization. To actually dismantle white supremacy and methods of oppression, we need to go back to our roots. What this means to us is that indigenous lands are being returned to indigenous palm trees.

Regarding the US military, NDN has stated that “violence is essential for the US to maintain its presence”.

“(T)he US military clearly wants to take land from communities around the world and use their presence on their land to further their agenda for the people of that space,” it said.

“Violence is essential for the US to maintain its presence, and the military ensures national and international dominance wherever they are located.”

The NDN added: “However, the objective of these informal militias was not to preserve the police or protect civilians, but to rid the country of as many natives as possible by indiscriminately killing and capturing escaped enslaved Africans.”

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