The View fans call on Sunny Hostin to be the show’s new moderator and demand Whoopi Goldberg be fired in potential show reshuffle

Fans of THE View think the talk show would do better with Sunny Hostin as Friday’s moderator to “give Joy Behar a break.”

People also have a less than sunny disposition about Whoopi Goldberg who started eating popcorn during Thursday’s episode.

On Friday’s episode, fans were impressed with how Sunny got along with point guard Joy.

Whoopi was absent as she is every Friday.

Some observers of The View rather liked the tone and felt that Sunny might even step in as a moderator on Fridays.

One fan tweeted, “Maybe @sunny should be a moderator someday and give Joy a break.”

“I agree! That would be lovely,” another replied.

“I think @sunny and @JoyVBehar did a great job today!!!” wrote a third, signing their report.


It comes as Thursday’s show didn’t get off to a good start.

While Whoopi premiered the first Hot Topic, the team got it wrong and played the wrong clip.

“What is he doing there?” Joy asked.

“Bad footage. We need another clip,” Sunny said off camera.

Whoopi then turned to the crew and lambasted, “You think you would shock me, don’t you?”

“They got, they got the right one now,” Sunny let her know.

“Do you have the right one now?” Whoopi asked, as The View then aired the correct clip and Whoopi acted the most upset of the five panelists.

It was supposed to be from former President Donald Trump.

But when she and her co-hosts discussed the investigation into the former Trump’s classified documents, things took a strange turn.

At one point, Sunny Hostin was reading a legal note and a rustle could be heard off camera.

When the camera very briefly returned to Whoopi, she was seen putting food in her mouth – and viewers weren’t impressed.

One person tweeted, “@Brianteta so annoying seeing Whoopi eat during hot topics.”

Another fumed, “Stop eating for 5 minutes Whoopi,” and a third person posted, “WTF does Whoopi still eat during the show? The View really hits rock bottom.

A fourth viewer commented, “@TheView Please someone explain why the hell Whoopi is eating at the table? Then when the league note started. Can you hear Whoopi eating and munching chips? NO CLASS!”

Someone else tweeted, “Love Whoopi. I agree with her 90% of the time. But can someone tell me why she always eats during the show. It’s a fucking hour. She can’t contain herself for a fucking hour? #View.”


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