The United States Secret Service recently provided more details about their NFT collection

CRYPT — The United States Secret Service recently released additional information regarding their NFT collection, which is kept on the popular NFT marketplace known as OpenSea. The information was leaked during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit led by a member of the Secret Service’s Digital Asset Technology Alliance (DATA) squad located in San Francisco. During an Ask Me Anything session, the agents talked about their involvement in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and revealed their one-of-a-kind NFT collection.

Secret Service agents revealed that the goal of their NFT collection is to gain a deeper understanding of the role that NFTs play in the context of the digital landscape. Each individual who is part of the DATA team has their own unique NFT which was developed expressly for their function as field agents and for the fact that they each represent a different location in Northern California, notably the area dynamics of the San Francisco Bay.

Secret Service agents have declined all proposals presented to them so far. The collection was never intended to be sold, but rather serves as a creative outlet and symbolic reflection of their involvement in the cryptocurrency space. Agents hope to demonstrate both their understanding of the cryptocurrency market and their dedication to conducting digital asset research by demonstrating ownership of these NFTs.

Members of the Secret Service emphasize the importance of public education as well as direct interaction with members of the crypto community. They are of the view that engagement with the crypto community is absolutely necessary to effectively prevent crimes using digital assets and ensure victims are compensated for their losses. Along with their primary duties of protecting key political leaders and preserving America’s financial and vital infrastructure, officers recognize the benefit of building knowledge and accessibility within the crypto industry. This is in addition to their primary mandates of defending the financial and critical infrastructure of the United States.

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