The Summit Final: Who won the Summit Australia 2023 Final?

The latest episode of any reality show is as exciting as it is the saddest. The audience gets attached to the show and when it ends they are sad but on the same side they are also delighted to know the name of the winner. “The Summit” is one such Australian television series airing in 2023. The format of this show shows a group of contestants who must reach the top of the mountain, undertaking many tasks along the way. According to the show, each contestant has a backpack with a portion of the A$1,000,000 grand prize.

The winners of the summit final

The series first launched on May 14, 2023 and was built under the guidance of Nine Network and Endemol Shine Australia. Participants must work together to create many tasks, within 14 days. At first they are strangers to each other. When a participant stops participating, the amount of the prize money decreases, likewise, all the money will be lost if the group does not reach the top within the given time. Jai Courtney is the host of this series. Now, after a lot of struggle and toil, three contestants have finally made it to the final round.

Facing the 14-day delay in the Alps of New Zealand’s South Island, Issac, Brooke and Lulu reached the summit as the last 3 of 14 everyday Australians who started the journey. They were faced with threatening terrain, thrilling obstacles, and the “Guardian of the Mountain”, carefully watching every move, as they attempted to conquer the mountain in order to win the huge cash prize. But when the 3 finalists made it to the final after being tested mentally, physically and morally, they understood that it was only the beginning, they were about to face another turning point.

Lulu, Isaac and Brooke are all happy as they finally make it to the top. The show’s final episode aired on Sunday night after 14 days of 200 kilometers of tough and scary terrain. All of these finalists became the “winners” of the show, but here’s the twist. According to the huge twist, the 11 eliminated contestants got to decide how the prize money would be split among those winners. After pleading their case in front of the eliminated hikers and giving the tough competition answers, Brooke was awarded $150,000, Lulu $90,000, and Isaac $250,000. After winning the huge sum, 33-year-old Isaac said, “Reaching the top of the peak was the greatest achievement of my life.”


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