The Meaning of Madonna The Weeknd’s Lyrics Explained

The Weeknd has teamed up with pop icon Madonna on a new single titled “Popular,” which is set to feature on her upcoming series, The Idol. The song promises to be a gritty, raunchy track that will push the boundaries of modern pop music. News of the collaboration comes after The Weeknd’s new show was criticized for its graphic nudity and lustful content. Some critics have accused the show of being exploitative and insensitive, while others have praised it for its unwavering depiction of the harsh realities of stardom. Despite the controversy, The Weeknd seems determined to keep pushing the song and challenging the norms of mainstream culture.

Lyrics and TranslationMadonna The Weeknd

“Popular” is said to be an ode to the seductive power of celebrity, with lyrics that explore the ups and downs of being a celebrity. The song is said to feature explicit language and suggestive themes, which will no doubt generate controversy and buzz upon its release. It remains to be seen how fans and critics will react to this new collaboration, but one thing is certain: The Weeknd is committed to pushing the boundaries of pop music and creating art that challenges our expectations and assumptions.

(Intro: Madonna & The weekend)
i saw the devil
Down Sunset, in every place, in every face
Yeah, uh, uh
Yeah, uh, uh
(Verse 1: The Weeknd)
Tell me, do you see her? (Yeah) She lives her life (Uh)
Even though she act like she don’t wanna be in the spotlight (Uh, yeah, uh, uh)
But if you knew her (Yeah, uh), she’s living a lie
She calls the paparazzi, then she pretends to be surprised, oh (Pre-Chorus: The Weeknd)
Oh, I know what she needs (Oh)
She just want the fame, I know what she like (Oh)
Give it a little taste, come back to me (Oh)
Put it in her veins, pray her soul to keep, ooh, ooh
Every night (Every night, uh), she pray to the sky
Flashing lights are all she wants to see

(Chorus: The Weeknd)
Begging on my knees to be popular
It’s his dream, to be popular (Hey)
Kill anyone to be popular
Selling your soul to be popular

Popular, just to be popular (Oh)
Everybody scream ’cause she popular (Hey)
She grows up because she’s popular
Never be free ’cause she popular

As for Madonna, the pop icon has always been a pioneer and innovator in the music industry. She’s never been afraid to take risks and push boundaries, which is why she remains one of the most influential and iconic pop stars of all time. In recent years, Madonna has been criticized for trying too hard to stay relevant and failing to connect with younger audiences. However, her collaboration with The Weeknd shows that she is still a force to be reckoned with and is ready to adapt and evolve with the times.

“Popular” will undoubtedly stir up controversy, but it will also arouse the enthusiasm and curiosity of fans and music lovers. The Weeknd’s series, The Idol, may be polarizing, but it’s clear that he’s not afraid to take risks and push the song in his pursuit of art and creativity. In a world where pop music can seem formulaic and predictable, it’s refreshing to see artists like The Weeknd and Madonna pushing boundaries and exploring new territory. “Popular” promises to be an exciting and provocative addition to the world of pop music, and it will undoubtedly spark discussion and debate for years to come. Stay connected with us for the latest updates.


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