The Lincoln Lawyer: Who Is Birgit Schrowange Kinder Laurin Lanz? Family Tree

Get to know Markus Lanz Birgit Schrowange kinder (child or son) Laurin Lanz. While both of his parents are renowned television presenters, there is still a lot to explore about him.

Birgit Schrowange is a prominent German television presenter. With her career spanning over four decades, the television personality has garnered enormous fame and name.

On the personal front, the former ZDF TV announcer is a proud mother of one son, Laurin Lanz, whom she shares with her former husband, Markus Lanz.

Markus Lanz is also a renowned television personality from German.

In today’s article, let’s get to know the two German television presenters’ only child, Laurin Lanz.

Who Is Birgit Schrowange Kinder Laurin Lanz?

Laurin Lanz is the son of two famous German television personalities, Birgit Schrowange and Markus Lanz, who have hosted various shows and interviewed many prominent figures.

But unlike his parents, Laurin Lanz prefers to stay away from the spotlight and leads a normal life.

Laurin Lanz was born on 15 September 2000. His parents were not married. Markus and Birgit dated from 1998 to 2006. Thus, as of 2023, he is 22 years old.

The celebrity kid grew up in Cologne, where he attended a private school and enjoyed playing soccer and tennis. He also inherited his parents’ good looks, with brown curly hair and blue eyes.

Laurin prefers his life away from the media scrutiny. Thus there are not many pictures of him. The young guy’s parents also help him live peacefully without media scrutiny.

Hopefully, Birgit and Markus’s son is having a wonderful time away from the media limelight.

Laurin Lanz Parents Separation

Laurin Lanz was only six years old when his mother and father ended their bond and went separate ways in 2006.

In an interview in 2014, Birgit Schrowange revealed how Laurin was affected by their decision. She said her heart broke to see her child suffer so much pain.

However, he later developed a good relationship with both of them and their new partners. The trio managed to establish a relaxed relationship.

Laurin also shares a close bond with his stepfather and his mother’s new lover, Frank Spothelfer.

For over a decade, his mom focused on caring and raising him. But when she found a new love in her life, Laurin supported his mom.

Birgit revealed in the Bambi Awards in 2017 that Laurin is very happy. Laurin has two half-siblings from his mother’s marriage with Spothelfer.

Moreover, the young man didn’t only accept his mother’s new love but also his new image.

Birgit created quite a stir when she chose against dyeing her hair and transforming her appearance. She now presents with a stylish gray short haircut, making her appear a few years younger.

However, she admitted to her fans in a Facebook video that she wasn’t the only one who shuddered when she saw herself for the first time.

Will Laurin Lanz Follow in His Parents Footsteps

Laurin Lanz is reportedly studying in England. He has not revealed much about his academic or career plans,

Thus it is unclear whether or not he will follow in his parent’s footsteps. However, one’s upbringing has a profound influence on their career.’

Who knows, Laurin might be interested in pursuing his career in the television or broadcasting field. Let’s hope we will get to know more about it in the future.


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