The Hermitage Amsterdam is now the H’ART museum, abandoning its Russian roots

RUSSIA – In order to differentiate itself from its counterpart in St. Petersburg, located in Russia, the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam is in the process of rebranding and changing its name. The Hermitage Museum has been a satellite site for one of Russia’s most famous museums for nearly a decade, and it’s located in central Amsterdam in a building that was once used as a retirement home. The Hermitage Amsterdam opened in 2009 and immediately began hosting exhibitions featuring items on loan from the Hermitage’s largest collection in St. Petersburg.

The Hermitage Amsterdam severed all cooperative ties with its eponymous institution located in Saint Petersburg shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. Along with the closing of this exhibition, the museum also concluded its exhibition on Russian avant-garde art. The museum will completely rebrand under a new name in September, and the new identity will reflect the new ties it has forged with leading galleries in London, Paris and Washington, DC.

The Hermitage Amsterdam will be renamed the H’ART Museum from September. To bring art to the old building on the banks of the Amstel River in the Dutch capital, he has developed agreements with the British Museum, the Center Pompidou and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. “This is an exciting new step for us, and it’s both a modern and future-proof concept. Museum director Annabelle Birnie explained that they are “building on our experience in the international realm and now spreading our wings”. “The programming we produce will have many voices to reflect the times we live in.” We will present both large-scale art exhibitions and more personal presentations.

The first major exhibition will be a collaboration with the Center Pompidou in Paris and will open around mid-2024. The exhibition will focus on Wassily Kandinsky, an artist born in Russia but later a French citizen who died in France in 1944 Additionally, it has been revealed that the British Museum’s Feminine Power exhibition will travel to the H’ART Museum in 2026.

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