The Bounty Hunter Dog reveals that he discovered not long ago that he has a secret SON

The bounty hunter dog marked the fourth anniversary of his wife Beth’s death on Monday with the shocking news – that he recently revealed he had a secret son.

The 70-year-old reality star, whose daughter recently burned down her house, revealed her new family member to her followers on Monday.

“For the past four years, this day has been a terrible reminder of one of the greatest losses of my life,” he began.

“But God redeemed that day when I discovered that my son John, whom I had only recently met, was born on this day,” he wrote.

“So now, instead of sadness, this day has a new meaning. This is my son John and his wife Jodi.

Bounty Hunter the dog celebrated his wife Beth’s fourth anniversary on Monday with some surprising news (pictured in Malone, New York in June 2015)

The ex-criminal shared a photo of his newly acquired offspring, which looks a lot like his youngest.

Jon has muscular arms covered in tattoos and sideburns of mutton.

He looked comfortable in jeans and a blue golf shirt.

John covered his head with a boy’s cap and wore a silver belt buckle.

The new son stood close to his wife who looked beautiful in capri jeans and a black and white strapless blouse.

Sun, once its promoter, said: “John’s whole story is told in my new book, Nine Lives and Counting, which is coming out soon.

He ended the announcement with a bitter realization.

“For anyone who has suffered a terrible loss, please know that God restores and redeems.”

“This is my son John and his wife Jodie,” the reality star wrote on Instagram on Monday, sharing details of her newfound offspring. John’s birthday is June 26, and the dog defined, “Now instead of sadness, this day has a new meaning”

Beth Chapman died of throat cancer in 2019 aged 51 (pictured in Nashville in June 2013)

John’s discovery leads to the multiplicity of 13 children the dog has had through multiple marriages and relationships. Ever the advertising executive, Sun mentioned: “John’s whole story will be told in my new book, Nine Lives and Counting, which will be available soon” (pictured in New York in August 2019)

“Happy birthday son, I love you both.”

John’s discovery increases the truth star’s progeny to 13 years through multiple marriages and relationships.

Beth Chapman died of most throat cancer in 2019 at the age of 51.

Ten months later, Dog, whose authorized name is Duane Chapman, became engaged to Francie Fran.

They married in September 2021 in a small ceremony in Colorado.

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