‘The Blind Side’ family responds to Michael Oher’s explosive lawsuit against them

The family featured in Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Blind Side’ hit again on Monday at ex-NFLer Michael Oher’s claims that they conned him, calling the allegations “insulting” and hurtful.

Oher, 37, filed a lawsuit in Shelby County, Tennessee, in court docket on Monday, claiming he solely not too long ago discovered he was not formally adopted by Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy and that he had as an alternative been duped right into a conservatorship, which allowed the family to rake in hundreds of thousands of {dollars} in movie royalties on his life.

But Sean Tuohy stated the Daily Memphian that the claims have “devastated” the family.

Tuohy stated the conservatorship was established to guarantee Oher was eligible to play soccer on the University of Mississippi.

Tuohy is a callback to faculty, and if Oher wasn’t a part of the family, there might have been potential NCAA points sending him there, Tuohy advised.

“I sat Michael down and said, ‘If you’re planning on going to Ole Miss – or even if you’re considering Ole Miss – we think you need to be part of the family. That would do that legally,'” he stated. stated Tuohy.

“We contacted legal professionals who instructed us that we couldn’t undertake after 18; the one factor we might do was have guardianship. We had been so involved in regards to the ups and downs that we made certain the start mom got here to court docket.

Tuohy additionally dismissed the concept that the family benefited tremendously from the movie.

“We didn’t make any money from the film,” Touhy stated. “Well, Michael Lewis, the (writer of the e-book the film was based mostly on) gave us half his share. Everyone within the family acquired an equal share, together with Michael. It was round $14,000 every.

Tuohy bought his quick meals franchise conglomerate for $200 million and grappled with the concept that he would need to money in on Oher.

“I will say it’s upsetting that people think I would want to make money with one of my kids,” he stated.

He stated the family remained shut to Oher for a lot of his NFL profession, however he observed the space that developed a few yr and a half in the past.

“No doubt, the allegations are insulting,” Tuohy stated of the lawsuit. “But, look, it is a loopy world. You should live there. It’s clearly upset everybody.

Tuohy’s son, Sean Tuohy Jr., additionally instructed his facet of the story in an interview with Barstool Radio on Monday.

“I’ll start by saying I love Mike at 16, I love Mike at 37, and I (will) love him at 67,” Tuohy Jr. stated of Oher.

“There won’t be any records or anything going on that makes me say, ‘Fuck that guy.’ It’s not,” stated Tuohy Jr.

But Tuohy Jr. disputed the concept that Oher simply discovered of the conservatorship in February 2023.

“If he says he found out in February, I find that hard to believe,” he stated.

“I went by my family group texts right this moment to see what was stated. There had been issues like 2020 or 2021 that stated, ‘If you give me this a lot, then I will not say something in public.’

“I think everyone has heard of conservatories in the last year thanks to Britney Spears, so maybe that’s it,” Tuohy Jr stated.

Tuohy Jr. acknowledged Oher’s frustration at not being paid extra for ‘The Blind Side,’ however added that he additionally did not make some huge cash from the movie, feeling that he personally did. acquired round $60,000 to $70,000 in royalties over time.

“You won’t hear me say bad things about him because I really think very highly of everything (about his NFL career and how he raised a family),” Tuohy Jr. stated of from Oher.

He stated he had “great memories” of Oher, together with the previous soccer star who purchased him his first automotive, a Dodge Challenger, and went to school in Baltimore to be shut to him. ‘Oher, who was enjoying for the Ravens on the time.

Oher’s lawsuit claimed he had no “family” standing with the Tuohys beneath guardianship.

“Michael’s adoption lie is one upon which co-curators Leigh Anne Tuohy and Sean Tuohy have enriched themselves at the expense of their neighborhood, the undersigned Michael Oher,” the authorized submitting reads.

“Michael Oher found this lie to his chagrin and embarrassment in February 2023, when he discovered that the guardianship he had consented to on the grounds that it could make him a member of the Tuohy family, didn’t in truth present him no family relationship with the Tuohys.

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