Tamara Day Sickness and health 2023: fought against the aneurysm

The young mother ended up in intensive care after blowing her nose. Take a look to find out all about Tamara Day’s illness and health update.

Tamara Day, the young mother of three, caught the eye after news of her illness broke in the media.

Additionally, Day’s video with news channel KCBD is all over the media, where she shared her illness and how she ended up in intensive care.

Meanwhile, the incident happened in the past, but it is still making the rounds on the internet. Tamara was 34 when she learned of her illness. Netizens questioned her health update and how she was doing recently.

Tamara Sickness And Health Day 2023

Tamara Day is a mother of three who made headlines in 2021 when she shared her illness and how she battled an aneurysm. As a family member, it must have been hard for her to go through it all.

Tamara’s recent health update has people worried. However, Day did not share any details regarding his health afterwards. So, we can believe that Day must be doing very well now.

Additionally, Day stayed away from the media and maintained a high level of confidentiality. Due to his low-key life, no further information about his current health status can be shared.

Likewise, no family members have appeared in the media and spoken about Day’s condition, so there is no information about Tamara that has been shared after 2021. Her supporters have also wished Tamara well and healthy.

Tamara Day struggling with an aneurysm

Tamara Day was a 34-year-old mother when she suffered an aneurysm. One of his videos was shared by KCBD Newswhere she let people know about her journey battling an aneurysm.

Tamara ended up in intensive care after blowing her nose; in the video she said,” Tamara says, “I blew my nose and then I got this horrible headache. And then I got ringing in my ears, both my ears. And I immediately thought, I’m going to have a stroke, like, I’m going to die.

After all, she refused to call 911; Tamara was a busy mother of three children. The next day she went to the clinic and was told the incident was probably a migraine. But the headache continued and the pain got worse.

After a few days, she went to an emergency clinic where a brain scan report revealed that she had suffered an aneurysm or bleeding in her brain.

Tamara was then taken to Covenant Health, where Dr. Thomas Windisch, a neuro-interventional radiologist, sealed off the leaking blood vessel in her brain.

She remained in intensive care for 14 days. Afterwards, Day was released from the hospital and allowed to go home on Mother’s Day.

Where is Tamara Day? Where is she now?

Tamara Day appears to lead a private life in her home in Lubbock. As said before, she maintains a low-key profile, which makes it harder to know her current lifestyle.

Likewise, the details of her professional career remain unknown as she is also inactive on social media platforms.

As mentioned earlier, she is a mother, so Tamara could spend some quality time with her children and her partner. Likewise, the whole family can live in Lubbock.

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