Tacoma woman dead after partner allegedly punches, stomps her over 50 times

A Tacoma woman is dead after he partner “snapped,” and punched and stomped her greater than 50 times, in line with new court docket paperwork.


KIRO 7 News obtained court docket paperwork from the Pierce County Prosecutor’s Office to be taught extra concerning the investigation right into a woman who was just lately killed.

The woman’s physique was present in entrance of North G Street Apartments, which is owned by Tacoma Housing Authority, on North G Street Wednesday in a single day.

Detectives mentioned officers discovered a woman mendacity on the bottom in entrance of the constructing with a big pool of blood close to her head Wednesday at about 2:30 a.m.

The sufferer was later recognized as 52-year-old Melissa Davis, a spokesperson for the county prosecutor’s workplace mentioned.

Investigators mentioned a safety member instructed them that he was patrolling the realm at about 12:45 a.m. when he noticed a person “crouched down” close to somebody who was mendacity within the gutter.

The man was “rubbing the back of the person who was lying face down on the ground,” the doc mentioned.

When requested in the event that they have been okay, the person mentioned they have been advantageous, the safety member instructed detectives.

The man was later recognized as 61-year-old Michael Cooley, investigators mentioned.

Detectives mentioned they later discovered a bloody concrete block close to a tree, which had a slight blood path from the place the sufferer’s physique was discovered.

A neighbor close by instructed police that she heard a person and a woman arguing outdoors, including that she heard a woman yell “Oh, God no.”

The neighbor didn’t assume a lot about it and went again inside her residence, she instructed police, since she usually hears loud voices from the North G Street Apartment constructing.

Police regarded via the condominium’s surveillance footage, which captured a woman strolling out of the entrance entrance of the condominium to the entrance curb, close to the highway. The woman was sporting the identical pink shirt, black pants and brown sneakers because the sufferer.

Minutes later, police mentioned they noticed a person push the woman to the bottom and stroll again contained in the condominium constructing to unit 305 the place Cooley lives.

The surveillance video later captured the person stroll again to the woman on the bottom the place he eliminated her jacket. He is later seen strolling in direction of the again of the constructing with the jacket, investigators mentioned.

Detectives mentioned they later discovered a white jacket inside a group trash can coated in blood.

Police arrested Cooley in connection to Davis’s loss of life.

During an interview with investigators, Cooley instructed police he was going to assist the sufferer on the bottom, however she instructed him, “He was going to go to jail for the rest of his life.”

He mentioned he was not going again and started to “stomp and kick” the sufferer.

Cooley admitted that he was triggered by the sufferer’s phrases and punched and stomped her over 50 times.

Jail data present Cooley was beforehand convicted of second-degree homicide in Virginia in 1986 the place he was sentenced for 17 years in jail.

A pal of the sufferer instructed police that Davis and Cooley have been in a relationship, which started in January of 2024.

The prosecutor’s workplace instructed KIRO 7 News Cooley’s bail was set at $1 million.


KIRO 7 News talked with tenants who live contained in the condominium concerning the current loss of life.

A woman, who requested us to not determine her resulting from security considerations, mentioned she knew the sufferer.

(*50*) she mentioned. “I felt sorry for her daughters. She got twin daughters.

“Sad, they’re in their early 20s,” she added. “Really nice girls. Yeah, how do you accept that?”

The woman instructed KIRO 7 News that the current loss of life is a part of an ongoing challenge on the condominium the place violent behaviors and incidents proceed to occur.

She mentioned she was a sufferer of an assault on the condominium.

“He just pounded me. Pounded me. Pounded me. I was just begging him not to kill me,” she mentioned. “I could’ve got killed too.”

KIRO 7 News requested her if she had reported the incident to Tacoma Housing Authority and the response she obtained.

“They just totally blew it off. They totally blew me off,” she mentioned. “I feel like what happened to me, I had big bruises on my forehead. They should have implemented something at that time.”

KIRO 7 News additionally spoke with one other tenant, who additionally requested us to cover her id resulting from concern of the company’s retaliation.

She mentioned she is aware of the suspect, who lived close to her.

“I had to avoid him Mike because he was in my face one time and I had to go around avoiding him. I shouldn’t have to do that where I live,” she shared.

The tenant instructed KIRO 7 News that she noticed the suspect close to his unleashed canine.

“I said, ‘Why do you let your dogs run off leash?’ Oh my gosh, he instantly snapped. He was instantly irate, angry at me.” She mentioned, “I didn’t know if he was going to come after me. I didn’t know what he was going to do in the moment.”

She mentioned she has witnessed and skilled violent behaviors and incidents for years.

“It’s just a nightmare because that’s kind of how it is. That’s the mentality here. They let very, very, very, very mentally ill live here. Serious substance abusers. Serious troublemakers. They create a history of trouble and they still get to live here even though the police come here and see them all the time. They still get to live here around us, and we have to walk around in fear and be alert,” she mentioned. “I have been reporting regular since 2019.”

The woman shared plenty of emails that confirmed her reporting her considerations to administration, which dated way back to 2020.

KIRO 7 News requested her about administration’s response to her considerations.

“I felt like I was kind of being blown off. And I felt like, how come it’s still going on? I reported it over and over and over, and it’s still happening,” she mentioned “Our housing lease rules are strict. It says you cannot have any egregious behavior, repeated violations. And that’s what happens here all the time. Constant repeated violations so I continue to complain and report.”

She mentioned Tacoma Housing Authority threatened her resulting from her complaints.

“There came a point they (THA) threatened me with a violation of my lease, which threatens my housing just for making too many complaints about these problems. About these problems they wont’ fix,” she added. “It’s horrible. It’s very scary. Where am I going to go? I don’t want to be out there homeless in a tent. Where am I supposed to go?”

“That’s a horrible dilemma,” she added. “Why should I have to think like that living here? Why can’t I have my safety? Why can’t I walk around here and feel safe? Why do I have to walk in fear? Lots of us have complained endlessly for years and they have done nothing. I feel like if they had stepped up with security measures, that (recent death) maybe wouldn’t have happened.”


KIRO 7 News reached out to the Tacoma Housing Authority concerning the current loss of life investigation, the tenants’ considerations and accusations.

A spokesperson for the company shared the next assertion:

“We are aware of the tragedy that occurred in front of the G Street Apartments earlier this week. THA immediately responded to our residents by providing support and counseling resources. We are continuing our on-the-ground response and our cooperation with the Tacoma Police Department in their active investigation.

Our staff takes resident complaints seriously. Once a complaint is received, interdepartmental teams work promptly with all parties to mediate and resolve the issue. With respect to resident privacy and confidentiality, we do not disclose the specifics of tenant backgrounds or complaints.

Regarding security measures, we have security cameras and contracted security staff regularly patrolling our properties. Security staff was on-site on the morning of the incident and provided support to police on the scene. Surveillance footage and statements from security were shared with the Tacoma Police Department.

We are committed to providing support to the family of the victim and to all who have been affected by this tragic and senseless loss.”

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