Supreme Court dismisses case of Alabama woman sentenced to death

The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence of an Alabama woman on death row who participated in the murder of her boyfriend’s two young children. The Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by lawyers for Heather Lieber Keaton. As usual, the court dismissed the lawsuit without comment. River Keaton was found guilty of murder in the death of Chase DeBraith, 3, and manslaughter in the death of her sister, Natalie DeBraith, 4. Prosecutors said she poisoned her children with antifreeze. There was also evidence that the children’s father, John Debrais, had strangled them. The child’s body was found in the woods of Alabama and Mississippi.

River Keaton was originally sentenced to death in 2015. But a new hearing was ordered after the court found the judge who sentenced River Keaton to death erred in not giving her the chance to speak on her behalf. before his sentencing. has been taken. In 2021, she was again sentenced to death. River Keaton’s attorneys argued in the Supreme Court motion that at the final hearing, River Keaton should have been given the opportunity to present evidence of good behavior in prison from 2015 to 2021. River Keaton is one of the five women sentenced to death in Alabama. John Debrais was also convicted and sentenced to death in a separate trial involving the deaths of children. he stays on death row

4 Haredim arrested for setting fire to railway construction site:

Four haredi men were arrested by Israeli police after setting fire to a fence surrounding the light rail construction site on Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem on Monday evening, according to an Israel Police spokesman. Earlier, a group of men entered the site to protest the construction. After the four men were arrested, others blocked police vehicles in an attempt to prevent them from being taken to the police station for questioning.


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