Strokes bassist and realtor at war over a secret garden in NYC

He’s in between a rock celebrity and a difficult location.

A property officer that paid $3.3 million for a distinct Soho house is fighting Strokes bassist Nikolai Fraiture over the lawn behind their houses, declaring the artist is “fixated” on the eco-friendly area– and has actually made life in the structure heck in his mission to get it.

Toby Dodd of Cushman & & Wakefield, and his spouse, Julie de Pontbriand, relocated right into 42King St in 2017, getting the ground-floor house and personal back lawn.

They later on seized up the garden following door at 44 King St., together with a little ground-floor area in that structure for a tune, forking over $300,000, court documents reveal.

In 2019, Fraiture– whose band won a Grammy in 2021 for ideal rock cd– and his spouse, Ilona, purchased a ground-floor system in 44 King and the cellar.

They filed a claim against in 2021, declaring the devices acquired by the Dodds had actually been unlawfully integrated, and avoided them from doing preferred improvements.

Now the Fraitures have one goal: to declare 44 King’s garden as their very own, declare the Dodds, that submitted their very own legal action versus Fraitures recently.

The about 45-by-40-foot location is the “real value” of the building and so uncommon in Manhattan, it was hailed by The New York Times for its “treasure-like quality,” Dodd and Pontbriand compete in court documents.

“The Fraitures’ motivation is simple: the Dodds have exclusive rights over the building’s garden and the Fraitures want it for themselves,” according to court documents.

Calling the Dodds the proprietors of 44 King Street’s personal garden is a “false assumption,” a legal representative for the Fraitures informed The Post.

“Think of it this way: if I told you that I had a bridge to sell and you bought it from me, would that make you the owner of that bridge? No, it would not. Based upon everything I have seen to date, I believe that the Dodds’ claim of ownership is, at best, questionable,” lawyer Bradley Silverbush stated.

Dodd and Pointbriand declare the Fraitures have actually been attempting to unjustly oust the pair from 44 King Street and its lawn.

“The Dodds have never wavered on their unwillingness to part with the Garden. … Rather than accept that reality, the Fraitures launched a still-ongoing scheme to force the Dodds out of 44 King and take the Garden for themselves,” according to the legal action.

The Fraitures undeviating fight has actually made life unpleasant in 44 King, the Dodds insurance claim.

“Other residents have commented that prior to the Fraitures’ arrival, 44 King was a very pleasant community in which to live, but the Fraitures have created an unsettling, tension filled environment for all,” according to the legal action, which was initially reported by theReal Deal

A Manhattan court approved the Dodds’ demand to avoid the Fraitures from starting them from 44 King till a court look following month.


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