Steph Curry sells Napa wine brand to major beverage company

United States — The Domaine Curry wine company, founded by Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha and sister Sydel Curry-Lee, has been sold to a new owner. Ayesha and Sydel Curry-Lee are Steph Curry’s wife and sister respectively. Constellation Brands, a major beverage company, announced on Friday that it had purchased the famous brand from its former owner, Coup de Foudre in Napa Valley.

Ayesha Curry, who is known for her roles as a TV show personality, restaurateur and cookbook author, co-founded the wine company with her sister-in-law in 2018. She broke the news on Instagram at the time, noting at the time that she “couldn’t think of a better person to partner with on this project than (Sydel Curry-Lee).” She has the same appreciation as I do for a full-bodied and powerful Cabernet.

Domaine Curry, in addition to other labels such as Saldo, Blindfold and Unshackled, will now be included in the jurisdiction of Constellation’s Prisoner Wine Company, headquartered in Saint Helena. Although it’s known for selling some of Napa’s most sought-after wines, the Prisoner restaurant has come under criticism for being seen as romantically incarcerating.

Constellation Brands, the brand’s parent company, has pledged $1 million to the Equal Justice initiative, which provides legal representation to people who have been wrongfully or unjustly convicted. The brand has since responded to criticism by donating part of the proceeds to an anti-poverty nonprofit. Constellation Brands’ acquisition of Domaine Curry is part of the company’s pledge to invest a total of $100 million in Black and minority-owned businesses by 2030. According to the San Francisco Chronicle ( which, like the SFGATE, is owned by Hearst but has a separate newsroom from the Chronicle), Curry and Curry-Lee will continue to be active in the creative parts of the wine brand despite not will no longer own the business.

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