St. Louis, MO Clayton Wasenius Obituary and Cause of Death: Family Mourns the Loss

Clayton Wasenius’s obituary has been released, and after his death was announced, people are paying their respects to the deceased soul. Find out more in this article.

Clayton James Wasenius was a family man from St. Louis who enjoyed good relations with many people. Clayton spent most of his free time with his loved ones.

Currently the internet is covered with news of Clayton’s demise and people have been paying their respects to the deceased soul and messages of condolences to all family and friends.

When the news of Clayton’s death was shared by his family members, everyone was shocked. Thus, Internet users are now eager to know the cause of death.

St. Louis, Missouri Clayton Wasenius Obituary and Funeral Details

St. Louis, Missouri, man Clayton Wasenius passed away on June 23, 2023, and his obituary has been shared by numerous sources on the internet.

Following the passing, the Wasenius family mourns the loss and also receives tributes and messages of condolence from many people via several social media platforms.

Meanwhile, family members haven’t given much information about Clayton’s death, but they have already shared the information about his funeral services.

According to our information, the family is also organizing a funeral on June 29, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. at Sainte Catherine Laubre. Additionally, it will be streamed live on

Cause of death of Clayton Wasenius: how did he die?

Clayton Wasenius passed away on June 23, 2023, but his cause of death remains a mystery on the internet. Some of his family members shared the tragic news, but they did not give Wasenius’ cause of death.

Thus, it is still unknown how the native of St. Loius died. As said before, Wasenius’ family is mourning the loss as they lost one of the most important people in their family.

In the same way, they are looking for intimacy at this difficult time. So for this huge loss, genius celebrities also sends its sincere condolences to all the family, friends and loved ones.

If the family shares more information about Clayton, more news will be updated in the future.

The Clayton Wasenius family mourns the loss

Clayton Wasenius’ family mourns the loss. He is survived by Stacey, as well as Jim and Maria. Her sister Maria shared the news via her and even posted a memorable video of the siblings.

Similarly, his mother, Stacey, posted a tribute to her late son. She wrote: “Heaven acquired a beautiful and gentle soul far too soon. The worst day of our lives, but we’ll pray to Jesus to take care of Clayton now and bless our family as we try to move forward filled with terrible grief.

In the comments section, many people who knew Wasenius also wrote something for him. One person commented, “Stacey, our family mourns for you Jim and Maria. Our hearts sank when we heard the news. We know you all need time to grieve and heal, and we can only offer our love, friendship and support. Know that you are in our daily prayers.

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