SPORTING SOUL: Frankie Dettori’s swan song at Royal Ascot confirms why it’s an iconic event

Welcome back to the soul of sport. For our latest collection, ANDY HOOPER headed to Ascot Racecourse on Saturday for Royal Ascot’s Best Day.

The historic five-day event, which grew out of the first four-day race ever held at the racecourse in 1768, did not disappoint with plenty of drama throughout the week.

There was another sensational display on Saturday when Khaadem, the 80-1 outsider, scored a shock victory in the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes, while Ascot also bid farewell this year to legendary striker Frankie Dettori, who retired at the end of the season. season.

The joy, care and excitement of the competition was felt by hundreds of participants at the sell-out event, with many watching from afar for what is undoubtedly one of the biggest occasions in the British sporting calendar.

On the last day of this year, our man captured all the formation, environment and drama – and he did it with a Nikon Z9 digital camera and 24-70mm, 70-200mm and 400mm lenses.

Thousands of racegoers flocked to Royal Ascot last week for a pulsating five days of racing at the iconic Berkshire venue.

Excited gamblers cheered on their horses from the rowdy stands as they tried to win huge cash in the race

Long distance from the start of the Chesham Stakes with picturesque views of central London deep in the horizon

Smartly and brightly dressed women pose for his or her photo at Ascot, arriving ahead of a pleasant packed day out

King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla arrive at the parade ring on Saturday in a carriage after their victory earlier this week.

Racegoers arrive in fashion at Britain’s most prestigious race assembly with thousands upon thousands of kilos of prize money.

Dettori, who retires at the end of the season, finished with a whopping 81 career wins at Royal Ascot.

Two Royal Ascot Greencoats stand guard as hundreds of racegoers gather at the iconic venue for the race’s final week.

Punters will settle into the ultra-prestigious Royal Enclosure – space is strictly limited – before the race starts

Desperate to beat the heat, the contestants did their best to avoid the sun’s rays while enjoying themselves with a drink as they watched.

Maiden celebrates Khaadem’s 80-1 victory in the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Stakes – the most expensive winner in the race’s history.

During a busy day, the bookie takes a break as various punters try their luck on horseback

A victorious and truly happy player collects his winnings from the bookies after success on the final day of the event

The dress code for the event is strict and racegoers at the Royal and Queen Anne Corps must adhere to the basics.

The player discovers the emptied inside of his top hat, a family heirloom – an item passed down from a deceased relative

A racegoer reveals his love for Dettori as he poses with the cardboard below of the Italian, who took a bow in fashion at Ascot.

Smart clothing is an important part of the event, with two racegoers displaying their clothing as well as top hats

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