Sorin Comsa slap video _Sorin Comsa brutal face slap video


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A lot of days after it was launched that Dana White’s Power Slap Fighting League would make its debut on TBS Network on January 18.

People are eagrly waited for the fantastic opponents.They are searching for the most recent change about this opponents.

Slap stopping,

Slap stopping contains two rivals on each side of a podium taking turns to slap each other on the cheek.

While it seems pretty rudi*entary, the outcomes is perhaps very br*tal.

Image provide Twitter

A trending video from RXF’s slap stopping event reveals an opponent slapping Sorin Comsa onerous on the face, which has already taken ample da*age by then.

it seems Sorin Comsa’s struggling was not in ineffective. The badly h*rt slap-fighter emerged as a result of the winner and left Las Vegas with the RXF champion’s belt.

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