Sophie Ellis Bextor’s followers are slamming the ‘rude’ BBC for snubbing her Glastonbury set

Followers of Sophie Ellis Bextor are outraged after the BBC failed to prove her effectiveness at Glastonbury.

The 44-year-old singer took to The Pyramid Stage on Sunday, calling the present a “career highlight”.

However, viewers from the residence couldn’t get pleasure from it after the BBC failed to point out her set but additionally didn’t add it to iPlayer.

After being inundated with followers asking to see it, Sofia revealed that her performance was not filmed, regardless of whether she was featured in the main stage of the competition.

She took to Twitter and shared: “I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking about watching my @glastonbury set on iPlayer. That would have been great of course, but unfortunately the hours of the day made it impossible for the BBC to cover my set. Next time…! xx’

Silenced: Fans of Sophia Ellis Beckstore were outraged after the BBC did not show her performance at Glastonbury.

Sad news: viewers at home were unable to tune in after the BBC failed to show her set, but were also unable to upload it to iPlayer.

Fans were outraged at the stupidity, tweeting: “Very kind of you Sophie. And shame on @BBCiPlayer!!’; ‘I’m looking for it. Very disappointed’; “Rude of them not to cover their kit. I kept watching and hoping it would show up on iPlayer.

Undressed. One of the few opportunities I get to see you live, but the BBC does :(‘; ‘Not that!’; ‘Totally unacceptable

“I’m looking for your kit to look at”; “Oh that’s a shame :(“; “Bummer”; “I’m gutted”; “I’ve been looking for this and wondering. How annoying!”

MailOnline has contacted the BBC for comment.

Sofia isn’t the kind of star to leave her set on iPlayer and be part of the likes of Lana Del Rey.

The 38-year-old singer performed on Stage Two on Saturday night, but the following day they wanted to look confused as to why it wasn’t meant to catch up.

During the night, Lana was unfortunately completely off-mic during the shoot as she hit curfew after hitting the stage half an hour late.

She left festival goers anticipating her arrival as she took the stage at 10.30pm, only to come off at 11pm.

Despite the delayed start, many were annoyed they couldn’t watch iPlayer on Sunday.

Loving life: The 44-year-old singer took to The Pyramid Stage on Sunday, calling the present a “career highlight” and wowing the audience.

No impressions: Fans were outraged by the silly revelation that they tried to look up footage of the performance online

A BBC spokesperson said: “Lana Del Rey’s set was broadcast in full on Saturday night and we are delighted to be able to include selected tracks as part of our on-demand offering on BBC iPlayer, as agreed with the artist.”

Lana started her set with a bang, but quickly found out why she was late. She strangely stated that it was because of her hair which took a very long time and he or she even got a stylist on stage to complete her look.

Lana was determined to do her set as originally intended, but was unable to act as she was suddenly interrupted midway through for efficiency when curfew hit here at midnight.

Glastonbury simply isn’t allowed to play music on the main stages after midnight, and Lana’s set ended at 11.45pm, yet it was more than a quarter of an hour later.

After the break, Lana started addressing the gang without a microphone or gestures, and her followers quickly realized what she was asking as everyone started singing along to her hit Video Games.

The star may have left her hottest song until the finale and got the band to sing her hit when she couldn’t sing anymore.

In an effort to make amends with her followers, Lana stepped off the stage and greeted pageant-goers in the entrance line, signing Summertime Sadness with them and signing autographs.

Lana was flanked by security and her team as she greeted her emotional and shocked followers earlier than being escorted from the stage after a very abrupt finish.

Earlier in her tribute, Lana had mentioned why she was half an hour late and promised to make her setlist as originally planned, even if the organizers “turned off the power”.

She admonished the audience: “I’m so damn late, I’m going to rush this set today, if they cut the power, they’re going to cut the power.”

“Sorry, it’s taking me so long to do my hair. Let’s do the set exactly, let’s do it!”

After her hairstyle was the explanation for her late arrival, Lana additionally brought her stylist on stage to complete her look, while belting out hits.

As she sat down on a chair to run errands, her hairdresser could be seen untying her hair and going to work combing her locks to fall loosely over her shoulders.

Lana had originally appeared on stage with her glossy brunette locks pinned back into a voluminous updo held in place with a silver hairpiece.

Not happy: Lana Del Rey’s followers were furious that her Glastonbury set was not available on BBC iPlayer on Sunday afternoon after all.

Not surprised: Despite the delayed start, many were annoyed they couldn’t watch on iPlayer on Sunday, with one writing: ‘Will the #lanadelrey set be on BBC #glastonbury #iPlayer? Still hasn’t gone live. Or is she on the naughty ladder?

But she later wore the shrunken half-lock in a waterfall over her shoulders after her hairstylist took the stage here with combs and hairbrushes at the ready.

Lana had made her first appearance on stage in a black overcoat tied with a thick belt before her dancers ripped it off to reveal her outfit.

She looked effortlessly chic in a long-sleeved white satin shirt, which she teamed with a matching mini skirt and heels.

Her effectiveness got here at the same time as Guns N Roses performers on the Pyramid Stage, which additionally hosted a host of stars on Friday.

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