Sonakshi Sinha’s BF Zaheer Iqbal net worth (2023), How wealthy is he?

Zaheer Iqbal net worth: Sonakshi Sinha is quite famous in the industry, she has hits like Rowdy Rathod. She even recently launched her own Nails brand press that you can order online. In recent days, she has been in the limelight for her birthday photos that her alleged boyfriend posted. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Zaheer Iqbal?

The name is Zaheer Iqbal. Zaheer is also an industry player, let’s learn more about him in this article. Make sure to read it till the end to get a good idea of ​​who he is and all his details. Rumors started to spread and it was confirmed by celebrities after an Instagram post.

Relationship between Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal

Like every couple these days, Iqbal posted a series of photos with Sinha which featured the two hanging out in casual clothes at different times and some quirky photos as well, the post has now gone viral as it confirms their relationship. The couple finally announced their relationship to the public.

Zaheer Iqbal Career

The public reaction is very positive and many fans comment congratulations to the couple under Iqbal’s post. Iqbal also wrote I love you, which was very kind to the actress on her special birthday. Iqbal is an Indian film actor who previously made his debut with the movie Notebook.

Films by Zaheer Iqbal

The film was a remake of a Thai film and it also did well at the box office. There were also some amazing songs in the movie. It was a romantic film that was praised for its cinematography. The film is very visually appealing and the script has plenty of criticism.

Zaheer Iqbal: Wikipedia

Iqbal has been in the industry for a long time. He also worked with Salman Khan in Jai Ho as an assistant director and after meeting Salman Khan, Khan suggested that Iqbal could try films and try acting. Hence, Khan also produced his film under his banner and launched it in the industry.

Net worth of Zaheer Iqbal 2023

There is no concrete source of his net worth as it has not been revealed to the media but it is expected to be around 1-2 crore in 2022.. His income comes from his work as an AD and his film and box office collection as well as fees. This income would be part of his family’s money. We are delighted for the happy couple and also wish them well.


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