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Solana Led Top-Ten Losers While BTC Maintained $26k: CryptoSlate WMarket Update

The cryptocurrency market saw a modest net outflow of $0.31 billion over the past 24 hours and currently stands at $1.1 trillion – down 0.94% from $1.11 trillion.

During the period under review, the market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) fell by 0.69% and 0.88% to $513.31 billion and $221.79 billion, respectively.

The top 10 digital assets by market cap registered losses during the period under review, except for Tron, which gained 0.36%.

Solana topped the losers list, down more than 6% to below $20, while BNB and Cardano declined by more than 3%, respectively.

Tether’s market cap (USDT) declined marginally to $83.29 billion. The market cap of rival stablecoins USD Coin (USDC) and Binance USD (BUSD) stand at $28.50 billion and $4.89 billion, respectively.


As of 07:00 ET, bitcoin is down 0.43% and is trading at $26,493. Its market dominance increased from 46.4% to 46.6%

BTC continues to trade above $26,000 despite recording highs second largest Withdrawal on June 7th. cryptoslate Insight reported that 15,000 units of the asset left the exchange, marking its third straight day of outflows.


Over the past 24 hours, Ethereum was trading down 0.65% at $1,846 at 07:00 ET. Its market dominance remained stable at 20.1%.

ETH mirrored the price performance of BTC, reaching $1,874 during the reporting period. Data from CryptoSlate showed that the asset’s trading volume fell by 36% to $6.49 billion.

Top 5 Beneficiaries


STORJ was the biggest gainer of the day, up 15.95% to $ in the past 24 hours0.32 as of press time. The project has gained more than 8% in the past week. Its market cap was $126.34 million.


FLEX maintains its upward momentum for the second day in a row, up 10.15% over the last 24 hours to $2.56 as of press time. Its market cap is $253.2 million.

ftx token

During the last 24 hours, FTT climbed 9.17% to exceed $1 again. The failed exchange token is down 98.92% from its all-time high of $84.90. Its The market cap stood at $327.95 million.


NYM rose 8.55% to trade at $0.23 But time to write Privacy coins have been gaining more attention lately, up 18 in the last 30 days. Its market cap was $108.69 million.

ixec rlc

RLC up 7.57% to $1.47 as of press time. Despite today’s rally, the Ethereum-based coin is down 3% over the past seven days. Its market cap was $106.77 million.

top 5 losers

To move a horse around in a circle

Kava was the biggest loser of the day, down 16.4% to $0.96 At press time. The token has been in a downtrend of 6% over the past week. It recently launched the Hover Lending Protocol on its blockchain network. Its market cap was $535.65 million.

wilder world

WILD is back on the Top Losers list. The token fell by 16.2% to $0.41 during the reporting period. Its The market cap stood at $102.28 million.


LPT fell 13.79% to $4.67 As of press time. This Project Works With The Symmetrical To Find The Next Killer Web3 Social Video Use Cases, its mThe market capitalization was $131.2 million.


TOMI is down 10.55% in the last 24 hours and was trading at $4.72 While writing The Ethereum-based token is up 13% over the past seven days. IThe TS market cap stood at $187.16 million.

RSK Infrastructure Framework

RIF broke down 7.83% to trade at $0.105 at press time, ITea The market cap stood at $101.73 million.

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