Slowly beating heart can’t progress in Diablo 4, snake blocks the way

Slow-Beating Heart Cannot Progress in Diablo 4, Snake Blocks the Path: Diablo 4 players have found themselves puzzled by the Slow-Beating Heart quest. They find it difficult to determine the exact path for their allies to follow through the serpent.

If you encounter a snake blocking your path in this Act V quest after leaving the area, don’t worry, because a solution exists.

In Act 5 of Diablo 4, you join forces with Neyrelle and Lorath as you venture into the swamps of Hawezar. Your ultimate destination is the Tree of Whispers, but to reach it you must first pass a colossal serpent.

The initial segment of this quest, called the Serpentine Path, requires you to harm the serpent, creating an opening for progress. However, a bug occurs if you destroy the wounded section and then leave the area for some reason.

“I got disconnected during the part where I was supposed to talk to Neyrelle after destroying the injured section,” player Cianibyn shares.

“When I reconnected, the snake was blocking my path, with no way to get past it.” Another player is having a similar issue in Act 5, specifically during The Slow Beating Heart quest.

They teleport off the stage and upon returning find the snake blocking all possible entrances to the next stage. This predicament makes it impossible to interact with the quest-giver NPC and hinders progress through the campaign.

A slow beating heart cannot progress in Diablo 4

Now the crucial question arises: is there a solution to this problematic situation? Fortunately, a solution has been shared by user MILFurion. Follow these steps to bypass the snake block:

  1. Head to the nearest quest entrance that is blocked by the snake, such as the entrance next to the Ancient Reservoir dungeon.
  2. Position yourself as close to the snake as possible.
  3. Log out of the game and then log back in.
  4. As a result, you will be teleported to the quest area, allowing you to continue your journey.

In conclusion, the Slow Beating Heart quest in Diablo 4 caused confusion among players due to the obstacle presented by the snake.

Leaving the quest area after destroying the injured section may cause the snake to block the path on its way back. However, by following the provided workaround, players can overcome this hurdle and progress through the campaign without further hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is the Slow Beating Heart quest necessary for overall game progress in Diablo 4?

Yes, the Slow Beating Heart quest is a crucial part of the game’s storyline and progression. Players must complete this quest to progress through Act V and reach the Whispering Tree.

2. What happens if I encounter the snake blocking my path and I cannot progress?

If the snake obstructs your path in the Slow Beating Heart quest, you may not be able to interact with NPC quest givers and may not be able to progress through the campaign.


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