Singer Phem Parents: Frank Marsico and Marie Marsico

Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey is engaged to singer Phem. Tyler popped the question to his girlfriend of two years during a romantic walk along the beach earlier in 2023. Now that same year, in October, the couple are getting married and at this point they are almost done the planning process. They said, keeping it close to home, they are getting married in a “very special” place that means a lot to them. Also, they said, their wedding will be quite an intimate wedding with family and friends in attendance.

In this article, we will tell you exclusively about the parents of the singer Phem.

Who are Singer Phem’s parents?

Phem’s real name is Olivia m Marsico and she turned 33 in June 2022. She is an alternative/independent music artist, who released her debut EP, VACUMHEAD, in 2019.

Phem released more singles and EPs and came out with her debut album in 2021. She has since collaborated with numerous artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker, G-Eazy and Lil Tracy.

In his interviews, Phem said that both of his parents were musicians. She gushed that she was “lucky enough” to be born into a home where music was constantly present. Following in their footsteps, Phem took up piano, then drums, and eventually branched out into writing.

Meet Frank Marsico, singer Phem Father

Singer Phem grew up with his brother Tony Marsico of La Palma, California, and other family members. He especially seems to be very close to Tony.

Tony mentioned Frank often in his social media posts. In 2017, he was the one who informed others that his brother Frank had had a bad stroke and was struggling. At the moment, Tony said Frank was in UCLA Hospital. He asked everyone to keep his brother and his family in their thoughts. Additionally, he said he was hesitant to post this because Frank and his family are quite private.

Then, most recently, on May 26, 2022, Tony wished his “big brother” a “happy birthday.” On occasion, he also spoke very candidly about the fact that Frank was always there for him. It was actually after Frank that Tony also got into music.

Either way, it shows that Frank has not only been a good husband and father, but he hasn’t forgotten his biological family either.

  • Age of Frank Marsico

Frank A Marsico was born in May 1951. He therefore reached the age of 72 in 2023.

  • Employment of Frank Marsico

Frank Marsico is one of the hottest jazz vibes in LA right now.

He is a jazz musician and composer from Philadelphia, where he was in great demand as a percussionist. In Los Angeles he continued to compose and perform for live audiences and on recordings. In addition to a wide range of percussion instruments, Frank has also played vibraphone, marimba, keyboards and harmonica.

  • Is Frank Marsico on Facebook?

At the time of this writing, Frank Marsico was nowhere to be found on social media.

Meet Marie Marsico, singer Phem Mother

Singer Phem often talks about her relationship with her parents in her music. And often in her interviews, she also mentioned her mother Marie Marsico.

While talking about coming out as queer, she also took the time to recount her mother’s first reaction. One day, Phem brought his girlfriend home and told her mother everything. She said her mother was in shock, crying and saying “No, it’s not you, you have to think about it…” for a whole year. But now Phem has said they’re okay with it and her mom is actually very proud of her.

  • Age of Marie Marsico

Marie Marsico was born in April 1951. She therefore turned 72 in 2023.

  • Employment of Marie Marsico

Above all, Marie Marsico is a classical pianist. She is also a real estate agent, but music is something that is really close to her heart.

Through LinkedIn, Marie as a Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, California Properties, brings twelve years of hotel management experience and experience as a director and board member of HOAs in desert communities from Los Angeles and California. She owns and manages a variety of rentals including single-family, duplex and apartment buildings.

She obtained her realtor license from the California Department of Real Estate. And maybe some time before, she also went to Temple University.

More recently, she partnered with her son in their real estate practice.

  • Is Marie Marsico on Facebook?

Marie can be found on ‘Marie Elena Marsico’ Facebook. However, she very rarely posted here.

Related FAQs

  • Are Singer Phem’s parents still married?

Yes. Singer Phem’s parents were still together and married as of June 2023.

Phem’s mother often gives a clue in her exchanges on social networks. On June 21, 2021, for example, she took to her Facebook to happily write, “Happy Father’s Day Frank!! Innate music successfully passed on ❤next to a childhood photo of her husband drumming.

  • How many children do Singer Phem’s parents have?

Singer Phem is not the only child of her parents. She has a brother. His name is Miles Anthony Marsico. He reached the age of 36 on March 23, 2023. keep crediting him for the all-time favorite Friendsthe tastes of Malcolm in the middle (2000), Married with children (1987), ER (1994) and a few others.

As for Phem, AKA Olivia or simply Liv, she is an artist/musician based in Los Angeles and the founder, singer and drummer of Liphemra. She has been playing drums since she was 12 and has played with many bands including Cold War Kids, Hanni El Khatib, Deap Vally and Peter Buck of REM.

  • Where do Singer Phem’s parents reside?

Singer Phem’s parents bought their first real estate investment property in New Hope, Pennsylvania when one of them (Phem’s mother) was 26 years old. From there, they loaded up a small van and set off on an adventure across the country as a musical duo.

With this early investment purchase of 10 acres. As they continued to tour, they found themselves in beautiful Southern California, where they finally decided to put down roots, raise a family, and never look back. At this time too, they continue to live there.


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