Sinan G Revealed clip Metall Twitter and Reddit: Skandal and Controversy

Sinan G’s leaked metal video has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, and people are going crazy over G’s scandal. Here are more facts.

Sinan G is a famous German rapper and actor who has remained active on the scene for a long time. As a rapper, G released many albums that everyone loved.

Some of his notable albums include I’m Jesse James (2009), Protection Money (2011), Whether You Like It Or Not (2013) and Gangsta’s Paradise (2020).

Through his work, G was able to collaborate with other artists, including Bushido, Massiv and Olli Banjo. Additionally, he made headlines on December 18, 2015, when it was announced that he was serving a new prison sentence.

Other than that, G is in the public eye again as a new video of the rapper has gone viral on social media.

Sinan G leaked Metall Twitter and Reddit video

The video leaked by Sinan G has attracted a lot of attention, and people on social media are asking about the video. The Revealed clip is going viral mostly on Twitter and Reddit.

The name of the German rapper has been associated with an intimate video published on several platforms. When people found out the person in the video was Sinan, they went crazy.

Some people say Sinan’s Facetime video dragged him into controversy, while others say G was seen getting involved in an explicit moment.

By linking his name, many unauthorized accounts on Twitter posted fake news with the title “Sinan G Revealed clip Metall”.

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Sinan G Skandal and the controversy explained

The Sinan G scandal has drawn the rapper into controversy. As previously reported, the fact about G has not been shared with the media.

But multiple sources claim that the Facetime video or G’s private video was posted on multiple social media platforms. Fake videos are also circulating on the internet.

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time G has been embroiled in unwanted gossip. In 2022, G’s name was linked to an intimate video in which he allegedly performed adult activities.

It was said that he was doing the activities over the phone, and the person he was talking to was a child. For this reason, the rapper received huge criticism on social networks.

Sinan G responds to his Skandal

After the scandal covered the Internet, people were eager to hear Sinan G’s words. He didn’t say anything on the current topic, but in the past he opened his mouth and released a statement.

As said before, G was on his phone in which the child would be involved. Meanwhile, G denied the allegation saying he was speaking with his ex-girlfriend.

It was also said that the video was edited. On top of that, G also blamed his ex-girlfriend for allegedly collecting and posting the video.

While talking about the case, Sinan also got emotional and said that he was just a human being who was not made of metal.

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