Sen. Marco Rubio Says ‘Highly Cleared’ Officers Have ‘Knowledge’ Of UFO Ship Retrieval

More Pentagon whistleblowers have gained “first-hand knowledge” of covert uses to recover UFO crashes, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., revealed.

Former National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) officer David Grusch made international headlines earlier this month when he spoke publicly for the first time about his personal investigation into top-secret claims as part of the Pentagon’s UFO mandate.

But now Sen. Rubio, Republican of Florida, has added that various “very high clearance” officers in “senior positions in our government” have told the Senate Intelligence Committee about their first-hand knowledge of top-secret UFO retrieval applications. emergency.

Senator Rubio suggested that some of those witnesses who provided their “first-hand knowledge or first-hand accounts” may have been several of the same people Grusch refers to in his explosive public remarks and formal complaints to the US Inspector General’s Intelligence Service.

Grusch, an Air Force veteran who worked for every National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and NRO, informed the inspector that he had faced illegal retaliation for investigating identical top-secret UFO applications.

In July 2022, the inspector general described Grusz’s complaint as “credible and urgent” and forwarded the application to, among others, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haynes and Rubio’s personal Senate Intelligence Committee.

Senator Rubio insisted there had been credible threats against the unnamed Senate Intelligence Committee witnesses, their livelihoods and their lives.

“I’m not trying to avoid,” Senator Rubio said, “but I’m trying to protect these people.”

Senator Rubio suggested that some of these witnesses who came forward with their “first-hand knowledge or direct allegations” may have been several of the same people that UFO whistleblower David Grush has publicly and properly complained to the US Inspector General. intelligence firm has indicated.

“Many of these people came to us even before these whistleblower protections were in place,” Rubio informed. NewsNation Monday.

“Some of these people are still in government, and quite frankly, a lot of them are very scared,” notes the Florida Republican, “scared for their jobs, scared for release, scared for their careers, and some, frankly, they’re scared. damage.

Rubio’s comments underscore the urgency with which whistleblower protections, introduced last year as part of bipartisan amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act, have recently been enacted.

But the senator’s remarks also add to recent moves by the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which Rubio is vice chairman.

Commission last week passed a unanimous decision requires one immediately suspend all funding for covert programs by the US government or defense contractors to recover or restore unidentified craft of “non-terrestrial” or “exotic” origin.

Sen. Rubio cited “mature understanding” from his fellow lawmakers, policymakers and the general public, saying he felt it was his duty to “simply include the information without bias or jumping to conclusions one way or the other.”

Image from unclassified video taken by US Navy pilots showing interaction with “unidentified aerial phenomena”

Despite the brutality of these legislative strikes, Rubio was particularly cautious about the complete veracity of these high-profile whistleblower claims.

“I don’t find them credible or believable,” Sen. Rubio informed NewsNation’s Washington correspondent Joe Khalil. “Understand that some of these claims are things beyond the scope of what any of us have ever dealt with.”

According to Rubio, the number and status of direct witnesses who briefed the Intelligence Committee is a concern in itself and deserves further consideration.

“Most of these people have at one time, or maybe even now, held very high powers and positions in our government,” Rubio famously said.

“So you wonder, ‘What incentive would there be for so many people with these qualifications to come out and figure something out?'”

“These are serious people,” Rubio said.

Given the status of these sources and the volatility of their claims, the senator called for “mature understanding” among his fellow lawmakers, policymakers and the public. conclusions in one direction or the other.

“We’re trying to gather as much of that information as we can,” Rubio said.

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