Scream VI spoilers: Is Kirby Reed Ghostface?


Kirby Reed’s character from Shout IV, carried out by Hayden Panettiere, returns in Shout VI, which is about in New York City.
Kirby endures a near disaster with Ghostface in Shout VI, being decrease over the past enterprise, in any case making due.
In spite of Kirby’s endurance, there isn’t any such factor as a sign that she turns into the executioner usually referred to as Ghostface inside the film.

Is Hayden Panettiere’s Kirby Reed the model new Ghostface in Shout VI? Fans have been conjecturing about this contort, however late spoilers shed some gentle as regards to this problem.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead

Enthusiasts of the Shout establishment have been enthusiastically anticipating the arrival of Shout VI, the latest portion inside the notable awfulness sequence. With pure appearances like Courteney Cox repeating her job as Storm Climates and the arrival of Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed, followers are wanting to see the place the story will go. Yet, likewise with any thriller, there are persistently thrilling bends inside the avenue, and bits of gossip have been twirling that Kirby Reed might play an astonishing half to play inside the film.

One hypothesis that has been getting out and about is that Kirby Reed may really be the model new Ghostface. This hypothesis has gotten forward momentum as a result of finest means that Kirby was clearly missing from the film’s explicit supplies and trailers. Fans have conjectured that this might probably be a conscious confusion by the movie producers, meant to cowl Kirby’s exact job inside the film.

In any case, we are going to affirm that Kirby Reed isn’t, as a matter of fact, the model new Ghostface. While the person completely performs an unlimited half to play inside the film, it isn’t as a result of the well-known veiled executioner. All points considered, Kirby is a FBI specialist who has taken a uncommon curiosity in Ghostface circumstances, since she was decrease by considered one of many executioners in Woodsboro such a really very long time prior.

Kirby unites with the very shut gathering of companions, along with new heroes carried out by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, to get the latest executioner. During the ultimate enterprise of the film, Kirby is taken out by Ghostface, and Dermot Mulroney’s Analyst Wayne Bailey endeavors to harm the Woodworker sisters in opposition to her. Kirby is then sadly wounded, however the ending up groupings of the film uncover that she makes due, prodding the potential for her return in ongoing components.

While Kirby Reed won’t be Ghostface this time spherical, followers of the establishment be certain that to be energized by her return and her huge job inside the film. With respect to the model new Ghostface, followers ought to take care of on until the arrival of Shout VI to see who’s behind the quilt this time. With the film set to hit theaters shortly, shortly followers can see with their very personal eyes what thrilling bends inside the avenue the latest portion on this notable frightfulness establishment has on the market.

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