Sara Mardini: Where is Yusra’s Sister Now? Is She in Jail?


Netflix’s biographical film ‘The Swimmers’ revolves throughout the lives of Sara and Yusra Mardini, two Syrian swimmers who aspire to make it to the Olympics ultimately. When the Syrian civil battle threatens the lives of Sara and Yusra’s family members’ lives, they perceive the need for leaving for Germany. They be a part of a cousin named Nizar Mardini and the trio arrives in Turkey to cross the Aegean Sea to enter Europe. Sara, along with Yusra and several other different totally different refugees, manages to complete up in Greece, from the place the sisters start their journey to Germany. Since the film ends with Sara settling in Germany, now now we have came across additional about her current life. If you are interested in the an identical, you’re on the right place!

Who is Sara Mardini?

Sara Mardini was born in 1995 in Damascus, the capital metropolis of Syria, to Ezzat Mardini and Mervat Mardini. She was educated swimmer like her sister Yusra and she or he attended a laws school whereas the Syrian civil battle threatened the lives of her family members. At the age of 20, she joined Yusra to go away for Germany. Sara and Yusra traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, from the place they obtained proper right into a dinghy to journey to Greece. Since the small boat was overcrowded, it started sinking. Since Sara was a certified lifeguard, she wanted to seemingly prioritize the lives of others, which made her step out of the boat to the ocean to make the an identical safe.

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Sara was joined by Yusra and the two sisters swam to Lesbos, a Greek island, and they also began their journey to Germany. Sara finally settled in Berlin with Yusra. While her sister adopted her ambition to be an Olympian by persevering along with her swimming teaching lessons, Sara wanted to place an end to her expert swimming career reportedly on account of a shoulder hurt. When Yusra participated inside the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sara accompanied her to help her sister.

Where is Sara Mardini Now? Is She in Jail?

After the 2016 Rio Olympics, Sara returned to refugee camps in Lesbos to empower the youngsters dwelling on the place. She left for the camps for two weeks nonetheless ended up staying there for years. She turned a part of an NGO named Emergency Response Center International (ERCI), a search-and-rescue group that offered translation and totally different suppliers to refugees arriving on the island. In August 2018, Greek authorities arrested her whereas she was prepared at Mytilini airport to return to Germany, along with ERCI’s self-discipline director Nassos Karakitsos and a German volunteer named Seán Binder.

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As per tales, Sara was charged with a lot of bills along with smuggling, forgery, espionage, unlawful use of radio frequencies, and fraud. Sara has been unflinchingly sustaining that she is innocent ever since her arrest. After 107 days of imprisonment, she was bailed out by her attorneys, who posted €5,000 (£4,450) as bail money. “I was arrested because basically, I was, every night on the [Lesbos] shoreline, handing over water and blankets and translating for the refugees arriving,” she said about her arrest in a TED interview. Due to her arrest, she wasn’t in a place to be a part of Bard College, Berlin, on the time, the place she had enrolled with a scholarship.

Several worldwide human rights organizations, like Amnesty International which known as the accusations in opposition to her “unfair and baseless,” bought right here forward to help Sara. In November 2021, the trial in opposition to 24 defendants, along with Sara, began in Greece. Since she wasn’t allowed to enter the nation, Sara wanted to observe the an identical from Berlin. The trial was adjourned shortly after its start, leaving Sara and the alternative defendants in wait. In the an identical TED interview, Sara revealed that she was acknowledged with PTSD and despair after the arrest. Since the case hasn’t been resolved however, Sara wanted to pause her life for now. “It’s scary for her [Sara] to start with anything because she doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the future,” Yusra suggested Guardian about her sister’s life.

Sara is simply not in jail in the meantime. But if found accountable of the prices in opposition to her, she may get imprisoned for as a lot as 20 years. In November 2022, Sara returned to courtroom in Greece since she was allowed to enter the nation, along with Seán Binder. “Today, they [Sara and Seán] stand in front of the inquisitor and the prosecution, to confirm that they have nothing to add to the investigation. Both have commented that they do not,” Free Humanitarians, a set off associated to Sara, shared about her return to the courtroom.

Although the case in opposition to her has severely affected Sara’s psychological nicely being, she stays to be stopping. “The amount of people that came together and spoke up for me when my freedom was taken away,” Sara suggested Vogue about what helps her in these troublesome events. “That’s exactly what I’m standing up for. I want people to uplift each other. We have to work for a better future, all of us together,” she added. Sara will also be attempting to strengthen her German for her to affix a method faculty inside the German capital. In addition, she has been specializing in taking excellent care of her psychological nicely being. “[…] she [Sara] chose not to speak to media right now because she’s taking care of her mental health. She’s just… taking some time off,” Yusra added to Guardian about her sister.

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