‘Sad Beige Mom’ goes viral for giving children’s sandbox a makeover

It’s Sad Beige Mom season and the most recent sufferer is a sandbox.

“POV: You are a mom and got this for free from your local ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook group,” Adrianna Santiago, a mother in Philadelphia, captioned a viral video posted to TikTok and Instagram with roughly 28 million views altogether.

In Santiago’s video, she drags a brilliant inexperienced turtle-shaped sandbox into her yard and spray pants the shell a tan colour, then covers the legs in a chocolate brown, filling it with sand and toys.

“Some will name me a sad beige mom,” she wrote within the caption, and, certain sufficient, they did.

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago by way of TikTok)

“Oh my god, the sad beige moms strike again,” learn a TikTok remark adopted by 1000’s extra. A sampling:

  • “Turtles are supposed to be green.”

  • “Sucked the soul out of it.”

  • “Should spray the toys too. Wouldn’t want them to clash with the aesthetic.”

  • “I swear these moms are afraid of bright colors.”

  • “Sea turtles are green. This is a tortoise so brown makes sense.”

  • “I’m currently studying child development … please, please let your kids have colors.”

  • “I’m surprised you didn’t paint the sand too.”

  • “The most absolute unnecessary makeover.”

“I don’t consider myself a Sad Beige Mom,” Santiago, whose daughters are 4 and a couple of, tells in an interview. “I have an aesthetic.”

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago by way of TikTok)

“Sad Beige Mom” is a model pattern that favors achromatic colours with names like “wheat germ,” “salt” and “bone.”

Last 12 months, a Florida mother gave her daughter’s plastic Christmas tree (and its ornaments) a “total makeover” to enrich her front room furnishings. TikTokers stated her daughter was “Sad Beige Baby” and referred to as the tree “cold and lifeless.”

According to Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, a professor within the School of Education on the University of Delaware, the pattern is impractical however innocent.

“If kids are playing with beige toys, can they engage in art projects?” she beforehand informed “If they live in an all-beige house, is a parent going to be comfortable letting them use paints?”

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago by way of TikTok)

After Santiago bought the secondhand sandbox, she observed its put on and tear.

“Me and my 4-year-old scrubbed it down,” she tells, including that she needed to make the sandbox look new — not match any outside furnishings, like her brilliant yellow trampoline and green-and-blue water desk.

Santiago says she would not power her aesthetic on her children. The bed room of her eldest daughter — who’s “all glitz and glam” — is a pink explosion, she says.

“I don’t force my kids to have aesthetically-pleasing toys — absolutely not,” she says.

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago via TikTok)

Beige Mom (@adriannaasantiago by way of TikTok)

Santiago’s movies performed off the “Sad Beige Mom” pattern. She knew what sorts of feedback to anticipate.

“If I were the type of mom who didn’t allow color in my home, I might have a guilty conscience,” says Santiago. “I think it’s comical.”

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