Roseline Katungwa scandal: Revealed clip went viral

The Roseline Katungwa case has been talking about her for a few days. Let’s find out what it is.

Roseline Katungwa is an aspiring Kenyan gospel artist and dancer who has been active in the scene for quite some time. Since 2021, Katungwa has been active on YouTube.

To date, she has amassed over 17,000 subscribers and from her channel, Katungwa shares various videos of her programs.

Also, we can see her dance videos on her YouTube channel. Thanks to this, Roseline was able to gain a decent number of fans. Meanwhile, she is currently in the spotlight as her private video leaked online.

Roseline Katungwa scandal explained

The Roseline Katungwa scandal has drawn the gospel artist into controversy. Recently, a private video of Katungwa was shared online and went viral on other platforms.

In the video, Katungwa was seen getting involved in an intimate moment with a man whose identity has not been revealed. The man recorded the video himself, and it was later leaked.

When the video was shared on social media, her fans and followers were shocked and started asking multiple questions about the current situation.

Other than that, the video is trending on TikTok, and people have been following the uprising gospel artist heavily.

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Revealed clip of Roseline Katungwa goes viral

As mentioned earlier, Roseline Katungwa was seen getting involved in an intimate moment. The video has been leaked and it has been trending for a few days.

The Revealed clip shocked his supporters. Some online portals including the Daily Post shared the news regarding this topic.

Apart from the viral video, his photos are also shared on Telegram. This drew Roseline into controversy.

Many of his followers claimed that the video was fake and that it was shared only to defame Katungwa’s personality. So, her fans asked social media users not to share the video.

Likewise, people are eagerly waiting to hear the words of Roseline herself regarding the viral video. So, keep reading to find out if she answered the question.

Roseline Katungwa Trending Video Update

When Roseline Katungwa’s viral video was shared, everyone was shocked. Now people go to Katungwa to talk about it, and most of them laughed at Roseline.

Mainly, people are commenting on his images regarding the video, and some have also asked for the link. One person in Roseline’s photo wrote, “Let’s stop judging people by their past.” People learn. People change. People are moving forward. ” #change. We are in the hands of the porter.

Apart from the negative comments from fans, Roseline also receives support, and some try to calm the situation. Another Katungwa supporter wrote, “Take courage dear sister, everything will be fine with you, your family and your friends.

Despite the current situation, Roseline has not said anything and Internet users are asking her to make a statement. One of her followers said: “Wow. You’re not complaining either.

Meanwhile, the gospel artist might give some clues in the future.

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