Roger Craig death and obituary, Hall of Fame remembers his death three times

The Hall of Famer remembers three-time World Series champion pitcher and longtime coach and manager Roger Craig, who died on Sunday. (Doug McWilliams/National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum) The “Humm Baby” led the Giants for eight seasons. His 586 wins are the sixth in Giants history and third in the San Francisco era.

Last month, the NFL announced its semi-finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They will announce the list in early January. The list has been reduced to 15 people, and the vote will be by mail. This is Roger Craig’s first appearance on the semi-final roster and it was about time.

If he was an agent, there would be no arguments, no need to muster convincing arguments. While Roger’s life stats don’t make him an HOF lock, his game-changing reputation and Super Bowl success put him on par with baseball HOFer Kirby Puckett (RIP).

In reality, Craig has two or three spots up for grabs. Rob Woodson and Bruce Smith will probably be recognized. Shannon Sharpe has been a dominant tight end in several Pro Bowl appearances. Besides Sharpe, the other main offensive challengers for those precious HOF votes are Chris Carter, Terrell Davis and Andre Reed.

Craigs’ career stats include 8,189 rushing yards, 4,911 receiving yards, 13,100 total yards, 73 touchdowns and three Super Bowl rings.

Let’s compare Rodger’s numbers to those of the other Hall of Famers, and then to those of the nominees.

Nearly half of Walter Payton’s career spots, but more than HOF’s Larry Songka, Gail Sayers, Lenny Moore and Ollie Matteson.

Fewer yards than Marcus Allen (Roger’s 4,911 in 11 seasons to Allen’s 5,411 in 16 seasons), but more yards than HOFers Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders, Eric Dixon, Tony Dorsey Walter Paton, John Riggins and Franco Harrisdo. Roger’s 4,911 receiving yards are just 551 shy of HOF WR Lynn Swann’s career total.

Overall only 278 yards from OJ Simpson, but more than HOF’s Earl Campbell, Larry Csonka, Gayle Sayers and Lenny Moore.

The 13,100 total yards are also more than HOF wide receivers: Steve Largent (14 to Rodgers 11), Paul Warfield, Lynn Swann (more than twice), John Stallers and Michael Owen.

Only two less than OJ Simpson, but more than HOF members Ollie Matson, Gayle Sayers, Larry Csonka.


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