Road accident in Epping: 1 dead in a fatal accident in Marsfield

Recently, accident news seems to be happening a lot these days. The public is going through the internet to know about the recent accident case that happened in Sydney. Everyone was very shocked when they heard the news of the accident. They all started going on the internet to find out more about the accident as the accident seems to be very horrific. In this article, we are going to give information about the accident that happened in Sydney. Keep reading and scrolling to learn more about this horrific accident that happened in Sydney’s North West.

Epping road accident

When the news of the accident broke, everyone started going to the internet to find out more about the accident. Not only did they all start going online to find out about the victims of the accident. According to the sources, one person died in this horrible accident, and not only two others were also seriously injured. When the public became aware of them, they all started going to the internet to find out more about them. They are also looking for victim details on the internet when this accident happened on Marsfield in Sydney.

The sources also inform us that at the time the accident started, traffic was halted for at least several miles around 4 p.m. in Marshfield where the accident occurred, when the emergency team examined the scene. of the accident. The crash was so horrific that it took many hours for the crew to bring everything down there under control. Not only the authorities have to close the whole of Epping Road between Balaclava Road and Vinimera Road because of the accident. Many citizens face complications because of this.

A 60-year-old driver and 84-year-old passenger of a Subaru, as well as a 66-year-old female driver of a Toyota Camry, were both treated by paramedics. While both drivers were taken to Royal North Shore Hospital in stable condition, the 84-year-old passenger died instantly. Following the collision, emergency personnel closed Epping Road in Marsfield, Sydney’s north west. Specialist officers from the Accident Investigation Unit were called in and officers from Ryde Police Area Command set up a crime scene. Traffic delays are expected to last late into Saturday night, which is why NSW Police have advised drivers to avoid the area. Police are also asking anyone with information or a dash cam or cellphone video of the event to contact them.


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