RIP: Zhong Yuan Huang Ge Death Video, Chinese influencer dead at 27, what happened? Reason for death!

Video of Zhong Yuan Huang Ge’s death: Zhong Yuan Huang This name has been popping up on the social media platform lately and people have gotten curious and eagerly waiting to get updates about him so there is a viral video of him and it is quite shocking. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

How did Zhong Yuan Huang Ge die?

Most people have already watched this particular video which is viral binge drinking video. He is therefore 27 years old and he was an ocean liner, except that his wife came to confirm to the news channel on Tuesday that her husband known by his videos died of excessive alcohol consumption.

Zhong Yuan Huang Ge Cause of death

So now talking about his cause of death, it’s very clear to you that he had a very unhealthy lifestyle and was quite addicted to alcohol after a live booze fight, which in made the second fertility of such a game in a month, he breathed his last.

Zhong Yuan Huang Ge Family

People were in complete pain and they were completely devastated to hear of his passing as he undoubtedly used to entertain a number of people. Talking about his family as of now there is not much information about them as he has kept everything very private and away from the social media platform.

Video of Zhong Yuan Huang Ge’s death

But we know this is a difficult time for the whole family as they are going through this difficult phase. His family members are completely heartbroken because of this situation, they lost their young boy at a very young age. He also posted a video in which he used to drink and soak alcohol.

He also used to flaunt the pyramids of empty bottles according to his wife he was trying to earn money so he could repay a huge total of hundreds of thousands incurred before his marriage and that is the reason why he used to make videos.

Zhong Yuan Huang Ge: Wikipedia

He also built a new house in his village this year and they both planned to earn money so they could renovate it. A number of people are showing up and paying their respects on the social media platform apart from expressing their emotions at his passing as he was a great artist and kind soul in real life.

Details of Zhong Yuan Huang Ge’s funeral

No further updates have been given to us regarding the details and arrangements of his funeral, but we will make sure to keep you updated so that we can give you enough information on the latest matters.

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