Republicans’ problems with suburban women run deeper than Donald Trump

If Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is meant to be Donald Trump without the hard edges, suburban girls just aren’t seeing it, according to a unique DailyMail.com poll.

It reveals that if the previous president loses to President Joe Biden by seven factors in this crucial group, DeSantis may fall behind by 5 factors.

Practically a lifelong Republican, Cindy Lackey thinks she knows why.

DeSantis started out as a reasonable Republican, she told DailyMail.com from her home in Parkland, Fla., before trying to beat Trump with traditional battles that only succeed in alienating her and her aides.

“I have a lot of friends who are teachers and principals, and in elementary schools they feel chained to what they can do in terms of inclusion,” said the 53-year-old mother of three.

Brand new polling from DailyMail.com/JL Partners finds President Joe Biden pulling ahead of potential Republican challengers among female voters. He has a premium on the suburban girls’ game, a key sector each side will be fighting for in 2024

Cindy Lackey lives in Florida and has seen Gov. Ron DeSantis shut down. She says he has alienated girls like her with his tradition wars and anti-abortion stance

“I don’t think Trump would have. I honestly don’t think he would have fought the same battle that DeSantis did, alienating so many people in his country.

A poll of 1,000 likely voters across the country by JL Partners finds that Biden has made a strong case for mainstream and suburban girls to gain ground on the Republican candidate.

The president beats Pence by 5 factors and Chris Christie by eight factors in this group.

Analysts and strategists have long looked to them as one of many key swing voices at a time when Democrats rule the cities and Republicans rule the countryside.

And the outlook is not good for the GOP no matter which candidate they choose, according to James Johnson, co-founder of Republican pollster JL Partners.

“Suburban women are Biden’s stronghold,” he mentioned.

“Despite the rest of the country turning away from the current president, women in the suburbs still prefer Biden. It’s not just a Trump issue, either: Every major Republican candidate is struggling with this group.

“Whether it’s abortion, schools or inflation, the GOP needs a strategy to reach these core voters: Backing off Trump isn’t enough to win them over.”

The race for the Republican nomination is now a race between Trump and DeSantis. Supporters of the Florida governor say he is more likely to win the 2024 primary

A brand new poll for DailyMail.com reveals that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is currently in the best position to run against President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

DeSantis is second only to Trump in polls of major Republican voters. And his supporters hope his charismatic spouse and household will endear him to girls who have said they object to Trump’s abusive behavior and locker room language since his “take them by the hand” comment surfaced in 2016.

Florida’s governor has created numerous legal guidelines to limit what will be mentioned in lecture halls about sexual orientation and gender ID.

And taking a tough stance on abortion may be an essential part of DeSantis’ message. Just before the marketing campaign began, Florida’s governor signed legislation banning terminations after six weeks of pregnancy. (However, it only needs to enter the effect of a 15-week ban due to an ongoing authorized issue.)

Pence, an evangelical Christian, also takes a hard line.

At the Faith and Freedom Convention in Washington on Friday, he was known as all the Republican candidates to help ban abortions before 15 weeks “as a minimum national standard.”

But Trump has already warned that the difficulty is costing Republicans at the polls, despite the fact that it was his collection of conservative Supreme Court justices who introduced Roe v. Wade’s abortion protections.

The former vice president trails Biden in the polls by 5 factors, while the former New Jersey governor trails by eight factors, regardless of holding an extra-central area.

Lackey, who works in healthcare IT recruiting, is the kind of girl Republicans need to win back.

In 2016, dismayed by Trump’s rise, she wrote in her poll on behalf of Senator Mitt Romney. In 2020, she did the unthinkable and volunteered for Biden’s marketing campaign.

She even registered as a Democrat so she could speak in the primaries over the past 12 months.

Now she’s looking for a conservative to put the nation back under scrutiny.

She mentioned that she needed to learn more about Sen. Tim Scott’s marketing campaign and was drawn to his message that the nation’s bitter divisions want healing.

But the candidates’ focus on abortion left her and her colleagues cold, she said.

Lackey mentioned that she additionally needs to study Sen. Tim Scott’s marketing campaign because of her message that the nation’s bitter divisions want healing.

“A lot of women who are strong Republican women don’t like what’s going on with women’s rights so much,” she mentioned.

“Again, conceding to the far right, the religious right … makes policy for this core group of the religious right.”

She lives in Florida and has seen DeSantis closed. And he’s not fazed by his fascinating battles with Disney and academics.

She suggested that a Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney candidacy would have a better chance of success than she and her associates.

“If the Republicans could just run a moderate candidate, I think they would oust Biden and win all the people in the middle,” she mentioned.

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