Republican Rep. Ronnie Jackson was shot by police after he tried to help a woman with a medical emergency at a Texas rodeo. New video exhibits

GOP Rep. Ronny Jackson cursed police after they beat his physique to the underside as a earlier emergency room physician tried to help a woman who had a seizure at a Texas rodeo, newly launched footage reveals.

“You are absolutely damned!” The Texas Republican tipped off the officer who pulled him over. “Better do the math, bastard!”

Jackson, who visited Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump at the White House, had stepped in to help a teenager who was having a medical episode.

A state agent, recognized as Officer Young, knowledgeable Jackson that a number of individuals had requested him to stand down whereas EMS took over. Jackson continued to yell at Young and was stopped by two totally different individuals as he walked in direction of the soldier.

Jackson then threatened to identify Governor Greg Abbott over the incident.

U.S. Rep. Ronnie Jackson of Texas is seen arguing with officers outdoors a rodeo close to Amarillo, Texas, on this screenshot of a bodily digital digicam picture launched Monday, Aug. 14, 2023, by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The video exhibits Jackson being tackled by officers and verbally assaulted

“I’m going to call the governor tomorrow and talk to him about this thing because it’s ridiculously ridiculous,” Jackson exclaimed. “F–in’ funny.”

“I asked you to come back, but you didn’t come back,” the officer mentioned. Jackson later responded that he was “just trying to help” and denied listening to anybody tip him off in regards to the return.

Jackson talked about in a sequence of tweets Monday evening that he was glad the physique cam footage bought out right here and wouldn’t apologize for his actions.

“I’m glad the video is out. It shows the incompetence of the authorities and their complete disregard for a young girl in distress,” he posted on X, beforehand on Twitter. usually are not.

“I apologize for my language, however I cannot apologize for being upset and expressing my ideas beneath the circumstances.

“If I had it to do over once more, I might nonetheless rise up and act in a life-threatening state of affairs. I’ll ALWAYS help somebody in want. I’ll NOT apologize for it.

A police report launched Friday contains the tales of a number of officers who responded to the scene at the White Deer Rodeo on July 29. Some claimed Jackson threatened to beat up a police officer in a cellphone name to Carson County and later threatened to comply with him politically. Sheriff Tam Terry.

Jackson’s workplace has maintained that the congressman had not been ingesting, though the officer mentioned Jackson was seen backstage at the rodeo occasion.

Ronnie Jackson is seen with fan Riley Ridling at the White Deer Rodeo in a photograph posted on Sunday, July 30

“I believe Ronnie Jackson had been drinking due to his belligerent behavior,” Young wrote in an electronic mail describing the incident, obtained by DailyMail.com.

“I know you’re here to help, right? But I have EMS on the ground,” Young knowledgeable Jackson at one level. and somebody tried to stuff her with one thing she did not want, we requested not to, did not we?

He talked about Jackson placing a rubber ball within the 15-year-old’s mouth to increase her blood sugar — which Jackson informed Young was as a result of she is perhaps hypoglycemic.

Young mentioned the woman had anemia, and Jackson informed Young he had no medical data.

After the confrontation, bystanders will be heard asking who Jackson is. “Someone said he was a senator,” one talked about. Young seemed that Jackson was unfamiliar to him.

Two bystanders, Chris and Jody Jordan, informed the Associated Press that they had been “shocked” by what had occurred.

“We were just shocked,” mentioned 48-year-old Chris Jordan. “I didn’t understand hitting at all.”

Jackson was first elected in 2020 and is a staunch supporter of former President Trump.

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