Report says Russian forces routinely torture arrested citizens

The report claims that Russian forces carried out widespread and systematic torture of civilians detained in connection with their attack on Ukraine and summarily executed dozens of them. In addition, the report documents 75 cases of arbitrary detention by Ukrainian security forces, indicating that a significant proportion of them amounted to enforced disappearances.

The international organization conducted interviews with hundreds of victims and witnesses to compile a report that details more than 900 cases of civilians, including children and the elderly, arbitrarily imprisoned during the conflict; the vast majority of these detentions were carried out by Russia. During their captivity by Russian authorities, the vast majority of those interviewed said they had been tortured and, in some cases, sexually abused.

According to AP According to what Matilda Bogner said, “Torture was used to force victims to confess to helping the Ukrainian armed forces, to coerce them into cooperating with the occupation authorities or to intimidate those who held pro- Ukrainians”. Bogner said Ukraine allowed UN investigators “confidential and unimpeded access” to detainees in official detention camps, except for a group of 87 Russian sailors. He went on to say that “the Russian Federation has not granted us such access, despite our requests.”

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