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Report: Father of toddler Howell killed in accidental shooting believed to be Dearborn police officer

HOWELL – A toddler was fatally shot after gaining access to a gun left unattended in Howell. According to Fox 2 Detroit reports, the father of an infant who was fatally shot after gaining access to an unlocked rifle has been identified as a member of the Dearborn Police Department. The toddler had gained access to the gun after it was left unlocked. The child gained access to the firearm on Sunday, June 11 at a residence on Oak Squire Lane in the Rolling Oaks neighborhood of Howell, according to the Howell Police Department.

The infant was taken directly by emergency medical services to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. The Laceys, identified as Tonya and David, are listed as owners of the property in Livingston County property records. According to a report on Fox, David is currently a corporal for the Dearborn Police Department. A member of the Dearborn Police Department has been identified as the father of an infant who was fatally shot after gaining access to a firearm left unlocked and unattended. “This incident is a very serious personal family matter, and we respect the privacy of the officer and his family during this difficult time,” the department said in a statement to Fox.

Additionally, a statement was sent by neighbor John McGlinchey to the outlet. “(I’m devastated. A terrible accident has happened. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. After a while I could make out what I think was an emergency medical worker bringing a child from the garage to the ambulance as I stood outside my front door.Despite the fact that an investigation is currently underway, neither the Howell Police Department nor the Dearborn Police Department shares any information. additional information at the moment When you subscribe you will receive all the latest news as well as unlimited access to our local coverage.

According to a story from the Detroit Free Press, Lacey caused a stir in 2012 when he stopped a car and got mad at a passenger for not saying she was HIV-positive. The incident happened after the passenger did not disclose she had the virus. After receiving a ticket for illegal possession of marijuana, the passenger then sued the city of Dearborn, which eventually reached a $40,000 settlement with the defendant.

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