Report: Divers find body of missing Crosby man in San Jacinto River

Around 9 p.m. Sunday evening, Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies and a dive team responded to the 1927 Gulf Pump Road location in Crosby, which is near an ATV rental center, on the report that a woman swimming in the river had been swept away from shore by the current. The location is close to where there is an ATV rental facility.

According to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, in the early hours of Monday morning, dive staff were able to rescue the body of a man who had gone missing in the San Jacinto River. The man was reportedly last seen in the river. Deputies reported that the woman who needed help and the other men who dove into the water all made it back to shore after jumping into the water.

A number of men entered the water to try to save her, but unfortunately one of them dived too far and did not come up to breathe. It seemed that the river was making an effort to pull him away from the shore. “She screamed for help and several men jumped into the water to save her,” said Major Jesse Razo, who was present during the incident.

According to Gonzalez, the corpse was discovered around 1:17 a.m. Monday. They boarded a boat to set sail on their journey and begin their adventure. Through the use of sonar, they were able to locate a corpse. Divers dived into the water, located the body, then brought it to the surface so it could be recovered. In reference to the photo, Razo remarked, “He’s a man.”

The Medical Examiner’s Office is currently conducting an investigation to verify the identity of the deceased. Camping, driving all-terrain vehicles (also known as ATVs), and swimming are all activities enjoyed by many people in the area where the body was found. It is unclear whether the person who died from drowning was a local resident or a visitor from another part of the world.

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