Reddit moderators say they’re going to BAN all customers who misread and like this character Che Diaz

Woke Reddit moderators have announced that they are going to ban any customers who misread the non-binary character “And Just Like That” Che Dias.

The character played by Sara Ramirez in the Sex and the City reboot is a queer comedienne who plays the lead role as long-running character Miranda explores her sexuality.

Moderators have now blocked a Reddit type posting a warning that bans may be issued for misinterpreting the star.

A closed wrap shared on the Reddit webpage And Just Like That said: “Che and Sarah use they/those pronouns.

“This show was aired over a year ago and while we will of course make the occasional mistake and only remove misleading comments, please be aware that repeat offenses will result in a ban.

The moderators of the popular social media site have announced that they will ban those who misinterpret the star

Sarah Ramirez, right, has played a number of gender-nonconforming roles in the past, most recently as non-binary comedian Che Ramirez in And Just Like That.

Reddit now allows you to view each user’s deleted comment log, making it much easier to review repeat violations.

Additionally, referring to trans identities as “fantasy,” “fake,” or suggesting they don’t exist will result in an immediate ban.

Thanks to everyone who reported comments that violate our rules. Don’t hesitate to do this, it makes our job much faster to catch them.

In the new spin-off, Ramirez stars alongside Cynthia Nixon in her iconic role as Miranda, where the two embark on a surprise romance.

Che’s relationship with Miranda eventually becomes the catalyst for her split from longtime husband Steve (David Eigenberg), much to the chagrin of many loyal fans.

Earlier this week, journalist Brock Collier mocked Ramirez for having many of the same opinions as his character, without any sense of irony.

Colyar wrote, “Ramírez similarly uses words like trauma, privilege, and social constructs to drive his various points. It might seem natural to make such comparisons in your head, but Ramírez brushes them aside and assures me, ‘I’m an actor. I’m not the characters who who I play I’m not Che Diaz.

Ramirez has played a number of gender non-conforming characters to date and had starring roles in popular breakthroughs with Grey’s Anatomy and Madam Secretary.

However, their feature in And just like that drew criticism from some viewers.

After gathering in New York’s Central Park, a casual get-together for the heroes of the present, Colyar said Ramirez’s regimen is similar to her controversial on-screen role.

Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, attends Variety & Reddit’s Evening with Future Makers at Wynn Las Vegas on January 5, 2023 in Las Vegas.

Ramirez starred alongside Sex and the City icons throughout her reboot alongside Cynthia Nixon (the real one)

Notably, Ramirez’s character describes himself as a “queer, non-binary Mexican-Irish diva,” the same description the actor uses in his Instagram bio.

When faced with criticism of their character, Ramirez strongly resists and tells the reporter that these critics are morally inferior.

Colyar wrote, “Ramirez gives Che a nod and says, ‘Anyone who exploits the patriarchy is going to have trouble with Che Diaz.’

Earlier this year, Ramirez again criticized her character, insisting that she was unaffected by the negative reactions from viewers.

“I’m very aware of the hate that exists online,” she told The New York Times. “But I have to protect my sanity and my artistry.”

As for blocking out the negativity and focusing on the character and the show, Ramírez explained, “And that’s more important to me because I’m a real person.”

“I’m really proud of the representation we’ve built. We have created a character who is human, who is flawed, who is complex, who is not here to be liked, who is not here to be validated.

“They’re here to be themselves.”

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