Rebecca J Leaked Onlyf, Jessenia Rebecca Videos and Photos on Twitter and Reddit

OnlyF star Elle Brooke, who appears to be among the top 0.01% YouTubers on adult sites, was applauded for her behavior online during a recent live interview with Piers Morgan.

Earlier this week, the NSFW star appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored with an article about whether, like OnlyF, sex work can be considered a feminist act. According to Brooke, after dropping out of law school when she wanted to go, she now earns six to seven figures a month posting videos on the platform.

“I dropped out of school to work at OnlyF because I was making a lot of money. It turned out that I was pretty good at stripping and I was like, ‘This is my job'” , she explained to Morgan, who struggles to understand her decisions.

“I have nothing against you, I represent no moral opinion here. I’m just disappointed that someone like you had a good brain, went to law school in college, and decided to pack everything up to take your clothes with you. Complete Strangers on OnlyF. For what? “he asks.

“I don’t make a lot of money as a lawyer anyway. Yeah, I could have made some money, but that’s what I’m making in two weeks,’ she said, before teasing Morgan about her earnings by asking, ‘You, how much did you you won? Maybe twice. “

Her cheeky reactions continued after Morgan wondered what her family thought of her job. “You must be very disappointed to have retired from a legal career that could have been really successful,” he said.

“My father is dead and my mother is on my payroll. My family is fine,” she replied bluntly.

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