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Project Charlie launched after 7-year-old Charlie Carroll died in fire accident

INDIANA, USA – Fundraising for emergency medical supplies is a top priority for the Alder Springs Volunteer Fire Department. A seven-year-old girl died in a house fire about a year ago, and the countywide initiative is named after her. In the midst of a house fire in Marshall County in July, Charlie Carroll was discovered in the bathroom. During the first search, two other people were rescued from the house, and Charlie was located during the second.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again, the division is considering purchasing thermal imaging cameras. “Even though we are almost back to normal, we will never be back to normal because she is not here with us,” said Judy Carroll, Charlie’s grandmother. Since Charlie’s death, she has done nothing but follow the movements of life. She claims that on the night of the fire, complete darkness fell on the house, which made it extremely difficult for firefighters to see.

In a small residence, “you wouldn’t think you could get around anybody, but it is possible,” Carroll remarked. Alder Springs Volunteer Fire Department captain and information officer Buck Brown said: ‘If we had thermal imaging cameras we probably would have found her quicker and maybe saved her life.’ If firefighters had these cameras, Charlie might still be alive, according to Carroll.

Carroll said: “It would have made all the difference if they had this equipment the night the fire broke out. “Brown describes how the thermal camera works and how it helps the group. You can see through the smoke and into the fire in all photos taken from a thermal print. It will also be useful for extinguishing fires. We can check if there is more fire behind a wall or elsewhere after putting out a first fire, as Brown said.

Charlie’s grandmother is relieved that, despite the tragedy, her granddaughter’s name will not be forgotten as the family adjusts to life without the lively seven-year-old. “If it can make a difference to someone else, they put his name to saving someone’s life,” Carroll added. Donations are accepted by the volunteer firefighters. They need to find $10,000 in donations. So that no other family has to go through what Charlie has, they plan to provide two devices to each volunteer station in the county.

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