Preliminary tests by the Secret Service reveal that COCAINE was detected in the White House on Sunday

Cocaine was discovered in the White House compound Sunday night, and the Secret Service is investigating the incident that led to the evacuation of the property.

Initial testing confirmed that the white powdery substance was positive for cocaine, the expert said. told the Washington Post.

The revelation comes two days after Joe Biden’s son Hunter, 52, visited the White House on Friday, which has alarmed conservatives who have equated the president’s drug-addicted son with the supply of the illegal substance.

Rob Schmidt, host of the far-right Newsmax, declared: “It wouldn’t be a wonderful 4th of July weekend without Hunter Biden ripping lines from a bust of Teddy Roosevelt.”

The US Secret Service discovered a white powdery substance at the White House on Sunday, which initial tests confirmed to be cocaine.

Anthony Guillemmi, a spokesman for the US Secret Service, told the Post that they are conducting additional tests to verify whether or not the substance is an illegal drug.

He further stated that President Joe Biden was not at the government mansion when the substance was found.

Authorities are investigating how the cocaine got into the White House.

A uniformed member of the USSS discovered the white powdery mud during a routine tour of the White House, but it is unclear where the cocaine was discovered.

The discovery of the illegal drug led to a temporary evacuation of the White House.

The DC Fire Department responded to the decision by ruling that the substance was not dangerous, and a record of the Fire Department report confirmed that testing confirmed it was cocaine.

“We have a yellow strip that says cocaine hydrochloride,” a firefighter from DC’s hazardous materials unit reported at 8:49 p.m. Sunday, according to the Post.

Hunter Biden, who is believed to be struggling with substance abuse, was at the White House on Friday before heading to Camp David with his father for the July 4 holiday weekend.

The president and his son announce that they have kicked the habit.

Recently, a youthful Biden appealed to Justice Department prosecutors to avoid prison time on a federal count of forgery to purchase a firearm. He checked in the field, claiming that he does not use or become addicted to any illegal substances, a reality that may disqualify him from purchasing a gun.

This contradicts the timeline and claims of Hunter Bidne’s personal memoir.

Biden’s critics and conservatives rejected Hunter’s request, arguing that anyone but the president’s son would face prison time for a similar crime.

The deal additionally saw Hunter responsible for 2 tax violations.

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