Pregnant mom diagnosed with breast cancer who chose not to abort baby dies and leaves behind pro-life legacy

When Michigan mom Jessica Hanna was 14 weeks pregnant with her fourth little one, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Doctors recommended she abort the baby. Hanna, a religious Roman Catholic, refused.

She chose not solely to carry her baby to time period — however to unfold the message of her faith-filled journey with practically 60,00 followers on her Instagram account, @blessed_by_cancer.

Jessica Hanna
Hanna’s cancer returned and she died on April 6 on the age of 41. Courtesy of Lamar Hanna

Jessica delivered a wholesome baby boy, Thomas, in May 2021. And she was deemed cancer-free shortly after his delivery.

But the story, sadly, did not finish there. The cancer returned, at Stage 4, in December 2022, and she died on April 6 this 12 months on the age of 41.

In an interview with The Post within the days earlier than Mother’s Day, her widower, Lamar Hanna, 41, publicly mentioned for the primary time his beloved spouse’s triumph and loss.

Doctors initially needed to scan Jessica to see how far the cancer had unfold, however it meant ending the being pregnant.

“They were saying, ‘We really need to know what we’re dealing with here to know how to proceed,’” Lamar recalled.

Terminating the being pregnant was by no means an choice.

Lamar and Jessica Hanna
Lamar Hanna, who was married to Jessica for 12 years, mentioned terminating the being pregnant was by no means an choice. Courtesy of Lamar Hanna

“Never,” he mentioned. “If anything, it made Jessica more resolved.

“Jessica would confront them and say, ‘Why would you even suggest that?’ They told her, ‘It’s just standard procedure. We have to.’”

In a 2022 interview with Eternal Word Television Network, Jessica defined that she was a lifelong pro-life advocate. “You’ve talked the pro-life talk, now you’ve become the woman that everybody uses in their arguments — what if the woman’s life is in danger?

“Now it’s time for me to walk the walk.”

Jessica Hanna in the hospital
The mom of 4 shared each a part of her cancer journey till her remaining days. instagram @blessed_by_cancer

Lamar met Jessica whereas they have been each incomes their pharmacy doctorates at Wayne State University in Detroit. During their 12-year marriage, they’d three different kids.

She was diagnosed with cancer in December 2020, whereas she was 14 months pregnant.

She underwent surgical procedure to take away the 13-centimeter tumor from her breast. The information received worse.

“She had a lobular carcinoma, which is more branch-like and harder to detect until you actually go in,” he mentioned. “Almost all of her lymph nodes in that same underarm, 43, had cancer in them.”

Since she was pregnant, docs couldn’t carry out the scan to see the place the illness had unfold, however decided it was seemingly to have affected a number of organs.

“That’s when she decided, ‘This is what the Lord wants of me. This is the suffering he’s called for me and I’m going to pick up my cross,’ and she started to share her journey on Instagram,” her husband mentioned.

On her web page @blessed_by_cancer, Jessica prayed the Rosary live from her hospital mattress with her followers, and shared each a part of her cancer journey till her remaining days within the hospital.

She additionally posted about her chemotherapy periods, which she started 20 weeks into her being pregnant, and continued till Thomas, who is “perfectly healthy and strong as an ox,” was born.

“She mentioned, ‘I want to make sure people know you could still treat your cancer and not have to abort your baby,’” Lamar said.

After every chemo appointment at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, Jessica would pray on the tomb of soon-to-be saint Father Solanus Casey at St. Bonaventure Monastery.

Jessica Hanna praying
“The first thing she did when she got those results was get on her knees and give thanks to God,” Lamar recalled. instagram @blessed_by_cancer

A few weeks after Thomas was born, Jessica was ready to do full physique scans, which revealed that she was cancer free, which she attributed to these prayers.

“The first thing she did when she got those results was get on her knees and give thanks to God,” Lamar recalled.

Once she was cancer free, Jessica devoted her time to talking at Catholic church buildings and pro-life conferences.

“After the occasions, individuals would line up and be like, ‘You changed my life. You got me closer to God,’” he said.

Lamar and Jessica Hanna and their children
Lamar, who takes his four children to the cemetery to visit their mom every Sunday after 9 am mass, is keeping Jessica’s Instagram web page alive. Courtesy of Lamar Hanna

In December 2022, Jessica began getting an uncomfortable feeling underneath her arm and in her neck, and was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.

For most of 2023 and virtually all of this 12 months, till her dying in April, Jessica was within the hospital.

The GoFundMe page arrange throughout her remaining months raised $240,000 {dollars} in donations from everywhere in the world.

Lamar, who takes his 4 kids to the cemetery to go to their mom each Sunday after 9 am mass, is retaining Jessica’s Instagram web page alive — as a result of he is aware of that’s what she would have needed.

“I just saw a message the other day from a lady in South Africa. She said she was born Catholic, fell away, and because of Jessica, came back to the faith,” he mentioned.

Jessica had requested her social media followers to supply up lots in her honor if she handed away, and arrange a P.O. Box the place they may ship mass playing cards and letters.

“The post office left a voicemail,” Lamar recalled. “And said, ‘You need a bigger box.’”

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