Policeman allegedly assaulted Hideaway Kitchen and Bar in Broadbeach, Gold Coast

A police officer was allegedly assaulted, while a girl fell ten feet from a window after a bar fight.

Emergency responders were called to Hideaway Kitchen and Bar in Broadbeach, Gold Coast at 9.20pm on Saturday.

They arrived to chaotic scenes and two men and a girl were rushed to Gold Coast University Hospital.

A 40-year-old man was in serious condition with head, stomach and chest injuries, while a 20-year-old man was in safe condition with head injuries and lacerations.

A third individual, a girl in her 20s, was in safe condition with suspected spinal cord and chest injuries.

Three people are in hospital with a girl who fell 10ft from a window on Saturday night after a wild bar fight on the Gold Coast that included an assault on a police officer. The scene is depicted

Emergency services were called to the Hideaway Kitchen and Bar (pictured) in Broadbeach at 9.20pm following reports of violence.

She is reportedly believed to be one of many individuals who climbed through the 8 x 5 foot window and fell 10 feet to the ground.

A 21-year-old man was charged with assaulting a police officer and obstructing police at the scene.

“It is alleged the 21-year-old Mermaid Waters man continued to try to enter the crime scene before attacking the officer,” a Queensland Police spokeswoman said.

Police were initially advised that one particular person had fallen out of a window, but when officers arrived they found three people outside the bar injured.

“They had multiple injuries and a crime scene has been declared,” the spokeswoman said.

The venue’s owner, Scott Imlah, was “stunned” by the incident, saying there had never been a fight in his seven-year ownership.

When he bought the title for it on Saturday night, he initially thought it was a mistake that it was supposed to be a unique place.

Imlah said the incident, which he said was “definitely not a bar fight,” happened upstairs outside the bathroom.

The owner of the Gold Coast location (pictured) hopes it could be open by Sunday night

“I was talking to my contractor earlier and he said, ‘Mate, that’s some serious power going through that window,’ he couldn’t believe it,” he instructed Gold Coast Bulletin.

“I’m watching the staff clear it out now because there’s glass in every place — it’s a huge window, it’s eight feet by five feet.

The businessman stated that the police had been to the bar several times on the last night, but it was definitely not a crime scene and would reopen on Sunday evening.

The 21-year-old, who was arrested, appears earlier than Southport Magistrates’ Court on July 10.

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