Police: Standoff in Weirton ends with man dead and woman seriously injured

Weirton Police Department has revealed Carl Gist, 82, shot and killed his neighbor Cassandra Jeter, 67, in the neck while she was mowing her lawn. The information was made public by the Weirton Police Department. According to reports, Gist locked himself inside his residence whenever law enforcement sought contact with him. Around three o’clock in the afternoon, after Gist and I had spent the previous hours trying to negotiate in vain, gas leaked inside the apartment.

On Saturday, a man who police say shot his neighbor and then barricaded himself in his home, leading to a confrontation that lasted several hours, was found dead. At approximately 10:30 a.m., police were dispatched to the 3100 block of Weir Avenue in response to a reported disturbance. When police repeatedly ordered Gist to drop the gun, he pointed the gun at cops and opened fire when they ordered him to drop the gun.

First aid was administered to Gist, and he was taken to Weirton Medical Center, but there it was determined that he had died. Jeter was transported in an ambulance helicopter to a Pittsburgh area hospital for medical attention. As of Saturday evening, no information was available regarding his condition. The event is being investigated by West Virginia State Police, who are leading the investigation.

Units from the Weirton Fire Department, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, Brooke County Sheriff’s Department and Hancock County Ambulance were at the scene along with the Weirton Police Department and police of state. After a few minutes, Gist materialized brandishing a semi-automatic pistol.

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