Police: 3 suspects arrested after trying to rob a building

SYMSONIA, KY. – Three McCracken County people were arrested after an unsuccessful attempt to rob a structure Thursday night. The incident happened in McCracken County. Additional details regarding the alleged robbery attempt were disclosed in a post by the Graves County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. According to the complaint, on Thursday, June 22, at approximately 11:40 p.m., two of the three suspects had improperly connected two utility trailers and were driving down McGuire Road while moving a 14-by-40-foot outhouse when one of the tires burst. The incident would have taken place.

According to the results of a police investigation, the structure was taken from a residence in the 1100 block of McGuire Road in Symsonia. Michael D. Little, 45, and Johnathan Stephens, 39, both of McCracken County, were surprised at the scene and both claimed they had permission to remove the structure from its location to the owner.

Both men have been arrested for their involvement in the incident. Little and Stephens were both from McCracken County, Kentucky. After being contacted by authorities, the owner of the building said he had not authorized anyone else to steal the structure and that he did not know the people under investigation for their possible involvement in the theft.

Sandra K. Vibbert, a 51-year-old lady living in McCracken County, was identified as the third person of interest after later finding out there was another person of interest. Sandra K. Vibbert said she contacted the owner of the outbuilding and obtained permission to remove the structure from their property. Additionally, she was located and placed under arrest after being found. In this particular case, the three defendants were charged with the crime of theft by unlawful taking.

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