Pilot killed in horror small plane crash into Lake Hamilton, Arkansas

A pilot died after his small plane crashed into an Arkansas lake after he reportedly signaled the plane was in distress.

A small-engine Cessna 177 Cardinal crashed into Lake Hamilton, southwest of Little Rock, Monday morning, according to the Garland County Sheriff’s Office.

First responders at the scene rescued the “responsive” female passenger and transported her to the hospital.

Divers additionally pulled an unconscious passenger from the plane. Police later confirmed that he had died.

Police have identified the passengers as Dennis Jones, 23, and the pilot, Daniel Dale Jones, 49.

A plane carrying at least two people crashed into an Arkansas lake after the pilot signaled the plane was in distress. Searches shown above

Several authorities are currently working to recover the plane from the water

The survivor was taken to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in Little Rock for treatment.

Authorities said the pilot requested permission to land near the Hot Springs airport due to an “aircraft emergency.”

“When the plane failed to land at the airport, 911 was contacted and authorities were already en route to the Port-au-Prince location,” police said on Facebook.

The doomed plane made it here from Kentucky.

“It has been confirmed that they were en route to the Hot Springs Airport and the FAA is investigating their final location as well as the reason for the emergency call,” police said in a statement.

Footage shared on social media appears to show around 100 toes of the plane completely submerged in the sea.

Local reporter Rolly Hoyt said several companies are currently working to get the plane out of the water.

The National Transportation Safety Administration is investigating the crash.

The plane is registered to an organization out of Phoenix, Arizona, according to 12News.

Earlier this month, a two-year-old girl, her mother and two others died over Washington, Virginia.

Rescue workers had to abandon the search because no survivors were found at the crash site after debris and crushed particles were discovered.

It is still not known what happened to the pilot or why the plane overturned after approaching its resting place on Long Island.

Households of the victims suggested that the plane might have passed out from stress, while various consultants indicated that the pilot might have been affected by low oxygen range.

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