Phillip Schofield Scandal and Abuse Allegation Controversy Explained

Phillip Schofield has been said to be going viral for his controversy over having a relationship with his male colleague. People are curious to know more about Phillip Schofield and his video which has gone viral on the internet. Keep reading for more details.

Phillip Schofield scandal explained

Phillip Schofield is a popular television presenter. He also became an actor. His acting work can be seen in Musicals Joseph, Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Doctor Dolittle. He became homosexual. He revealed it after years of marriage. He is currently divorced from his wife. He was in a relationship with a male colleague while still married. He resigned from his post. He was also removed from Prince Trust after revealing his identity. he was accused of sexual abuse on live television. He mentioned he was in a relationship with a male colleague on ITV This Morning. He also mentioned that the romance with his young employee while he was married was a lie.

He further mentioned that what he was doing was reckless but not illegal. He apologized for his affair. He was married to Stephanie Lowe who was 30 years old. He was accused of lying and intimidating authority by having an affair with a male colleague and lying about it. After resigning, he sent a letter and said he had done something reckless but not illegal. He feels sorry for his wife, Stephanie Lowe. Let us have more details on the Phillip Schofield controversy.

What happened in the recent Phillip Schofield controversy?

Phillip Schofield’s business would be known from Phillip Schofield’s relationship with his young male employee earlier. The investigation took place afterwards. The boy appears to be 15 when he was 40. According to sources, the child approached him for a job interview. He fixed the interview. Her brother has also been in prison for 12 years for sexual abuse of children. He pursued it for almost four years.

During this period, he was charged with child abuse cases. This data is recorded from October 2016 to October 2019. Phillip Schofield is a citizen of the United Kingdom and New Zealand. He met his wife in 1993, after which the couple got married. He mentioned that he is guilty for what he did and apologized to his wife. Stay tuned for more details on our website.


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