Peter Malinauskas family: Meet his parents Peter Malinauskas Sr and Kathryn May

Let’s go a little deeper into the family of Peter Malinauskas. The politician is the 47th Prime Minister of South Australia, a position he has held since March 2022.

The Australian statesman was born in Adelaide and raised in a working-class family of Lithuanian origin.

Malinauskas began his political career as a member of the Australian Labor Party, developing a keen interest in public service and rising through the ranks.

In 2015, he contested the state election and won a seat on the South Australian Legislative Council. This marked the beginning of his official political journey.

The article here talks about his parents, wife and children, adding details about his political life.

Peter Malinauskas Family: Parents Peter Malinauskas Sr and Kathryn May

Peter Malinauskas, born August 14, 1980, is the eldest child of Kathryn and Peter Malinauskas.

Peter’s grandfather, also named Peter, was a Lithuanian refugee, who immigrated to Australia in 1948.

Meanwhile, her grandmother, Eta, survived World War II and managed to escape the communist regime that emerged in Hungary after the war.

They sought refuge from the spread of communism in war-torn Europe, thus immigrating to Bathurst, New South Wales, where they married.

His grandparents eventually settled in Adelaide, opening a fish and chips business. There they gave birth to their son, again named Peter, who later married Kathryn (Kate).

Kate, Peter’s maternal ancestor also had a hint of middle-class Irish descent. The family had a strong faith in Catholicism.

Reflecting on Father’s Day in 2019, Peter praised his father, describing him as a positive role model for himself, his brother and sister.

He pointed out that his father, who had worked at the Housing Trust for over 35 years, had been dedicated to providing accommodation for people in need.

Peter admired his father’s commitment to social justice and recalled how his father instilled in them the importance of doing a little for the community from an early age.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Malinauskas found himself among 121 Australians banned from entering Russia.

It is speculated that this may be due to his Lithuanian heritage. In a light-hearted way, Malinauskas remarked that he was “grateful” to be included on the list.

Learn more about the family of Peter Malinauskas: wife and children

Malinauskas is married to Annabel West, who works as a partner at a law firm in Adelaide. Together they have two daughters and a son.

In recent newsPeter has announced that his wife Annabel is expecting their fourth child.

In November, he shared their joy at welcoming another member of their family, either a boy or a girl.

The couple expressed their gratitude and enthusiasm for having a big family, considering it a real blessing.

Despite her demanding career as a lawyer, Peter mentioned that Annabel is doing well and he admires her ability to handle everything.

The couple’s existing children, Sophie, Jack and Eliza, who are all under eight, are excited to hear if they will have a new sibling.

Although the baby’s gender was not revealed, Peter jokingly suggested naming the child after Port Adelaide Power star player Connor Rozee.

While on paternity leave, Deputy Prime Minister Susan Close is expected to take office.

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