Pennsylvania woman’s ‘odious’ messages to her estranged boyfriend led to her suicide: DA

A Pennsylvania woman pushed her ex-boyfriend to commit suicide with a series of vicious texts and a shameless video of her having sex with another man, prosecutors alleged on Tuesday.

Mandie Reusch, 35, has been charged in the twisted case which began two years ago when Kevin Metzger took his own life after receiving ‘odious and graphic’ messages from her, according to the Westmoreland County District Attorney’s Office.

Metzger wrote a suicide note and posted the constant stream of tormenting messages on Facebook before killing himself at the age of 37, District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli said in a statement.

“Mr. Metzger could still be here today if these messages did not influence and encourage him to take his own life,” she said in a statement.

The former couple shared a child, according to reports.

Reusch repeatedly threatened to take her child away from her, court documents reviewed show by

She told him on WhatsApp that she was moving in with a new man and that the new partner would be their daughter’s new father, according to documents. She also warned that Metzger would never see her child again.

“I hope for the sake (of the child) that you kill yourself,” Reusch reportedly wrote. “She better not even know you.”

She also told him she would have sex with her new boyfriend on Mother’s Day “while your daughter calls her daddy,” the outlet reported, citing police.

In another instance, she allegedly sent a video of herself having sex with another man when Metzger sent her $200 and she said that wasn’t enough money.

The messages were started when Metzger was in military training while Reusch and their daughter were at home, police said, according to

“Go kill yourself,” she allegedly wrote in another post, this time from 2020. “You are not a real (expletive) human.”

Ziccarelli, the district attorney, said his office “will not authorize or condone this kind of egregious behavior,” while expressing condolences to the Metzger family.

“The level of intimidation, harassment and threats has reached a criminal level in this particular case and we will prosecute it to the fullest extent of the law,” she said.

Reusch was charged with assisted suicide, a felony, and harassment, a misdemeanor. She was arraigned on Tuesday morning and held on bail with her next court appearance scheduled for June 27.

She has already been charged with harassment for the alleged harassing posts, pennlive reported. The case was dropped upon Metzger’s death.

On the day he took his own life, he told Reusch he was going to post his cruel messages online after she told him he wouldn’t be seeing his daughter for Father’s Day.

He also asked a friend to make sure “this is known to the world” and sent him the mine of messages.

Metzger served in the military for 20 years, according to his obituary and was honorably discharged, according to his obituary. He later re-enlisted in the Army Reserves.

He was described as a devoted father whose daughter was “an extreme light in his life”.

“He had a great time but was always there for his friends in difficult times,” states part of his obituary. “He was an altruistic and devoted friend. But above all, he cared passionately for his daughter.

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